Dara O’Briain

Britain's favourite Irishman', one of the UK's top TV presenters

Graham Norton

Irrepressible Comic & Chat Show Host

Hugh Dennis

English Comedian, Writer, Actor

Alan Carr

Comedian, Chattyman, Spexybeast & BAFTA Winner

Alistair McGowan

Comedian, actor, ompressionist & singer, star of Dead Ringers.

Jimmy Carr

One of the UK's most popular comedians.

Bill Bailey

One of the UK's wryest comedians.

John Bishop

English Comedian & Actor

Tim Vine

Known as "The Punslinger", Tim Vine's unrivalled one-liners have...

Tony Hawks

Radio and Television Comedian and Best Selling Author

Bob Bevan

Internationally regarded as one of the greatest professional after-dinner...

Danny Bhoy

Scottish-Indian Comedian

Chris Addison

Stand-up comedian, actor, writer & director.

Clive Anderson

British presenter and comedy author.

Ed Byrne

Hilarious stand-up comedian.