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Our motivational speakers will inspire your audience with tales of courage, innovation and a determination to beat the odds. If you’re looking to begin or end your event on a high note, a motivational speaker is an excellent choice.

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Rock Star, Humanitarian & Outspoken Global Development Activist - hugely inspiring

Rock star, humanitarian and outspoken global development activist, Sir Bob Geldof is above all an influencer who knows how to shape opinion and get things done. Sir Bob is a world class speaker, a charismatic and masterful storyteller and a highly entertaining presenter.

Heralds Africa as the coming economic giant.

Author of The Chimp Paradox and optimum performance coach, working with champion cyclists like Victoria Pendleton, Sir Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins.

Dr Steve Peters is the man behind Team GB's extraordinary success in cycling at the London 2012 Olympics. A Consultant Psychiatrist and University Senior Clinical Lecturer

NBA Basketball Star, World Class Communicator & Psychologist

John Amaechi is a high performance business coach and mentor - the first NBA professional basketball player to speak publicly about being gay - he has succeeded despite adversity and has made equal rights and mentoring young people central to his life. A psychologist and broadcaster he is one of the most sought after business communicators in the world today.

Visionary Businessman, Consultant, Coach, Expert in the Car Industry

Visionary businessman, consultant, coach, speaker and explorer - Kevin Gaskell specialises in putting the magic back into failing brands.

As an expert in the car industry he transformed the struggling Porsche brand and lead BMW to three successive years of record growth. He recognized early on that the internet was going to revolutionise business and started his own successful dot com - he is now actively involved at a senior level in several companies and shares his leadership skills around the world

Internationally Recognized Leader in Peak Performance Strategies

Jack Canfield is a world famous success coach and the man behind the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

As well as the Chicken Soup series, Jack Canfield has also written numerous self-help books, videos and seminars aimed at entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. He has spent time studying what makes successful people different - what motivates, drives and inspires them, in order to share his insights with the audiences who come to see him worldwide.

Academic and keynote speaker, currently studying the innovative business models being used by popular culture

Jamie Anderson is a leading management thinker and an entertaining speaker who is passionate about the lessons that business can learn from the creative industries. His book 'The Fine Art of Success' - which he co-authored - looks at the way artists and pop stars have innovated successfully in a difficult market by embracing the digital world. He is Professor at the Antwerp Management School.

Highly Successful Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Green & Blacks

Dedication and a belief in the Green and Black's brand, combined with determination, enthusiasm and communication skills allowed Fairley to found a successful ethical business. As a speaker, she is keen to share her secrets of success, focusing on the importance of understanding the needs and beliefs of customers.

Statistics Boring? Never when Hans Rosling is the Presenter!

Hans Rosling is a statistician and global health expert whose exciting and dynamic way with data has turned him into a world- wide superstar.

An idea DJ, who remixes ideas cross-industry.

Remix your business. Sharpen your business strategy with Ramon Vullings, a cross-industry expert and passionate, interactive speaker
Ramon delivers engaging keynotes, in which he challenges industry borders and conventional thinking to show there is so much more to learn from outside, not only on product and service-level, yet also on process, business model and even on strategy and culture-level.


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