Leadership and management presentations and talks are designed to help bring your organisation through change, growth and difficult times, and to help you personally to grow as a leader.

Offered by leadership thought-leaders who are experienced business-people, entrepreneurs and HR professionals as well as sports stars and explorers, your audience will leave with strategies and methods to improve their leadership skills and those of their colleagues.

If you're not sure who will best fit your requirements or if you would like help in choosing the right speaker, request a call back using the short form to the right or call us on +44 (0)1628 636600. We will help you make the right choice and find the most suitable speaker for your event, your audience and your requirements.

Ramon Vullings

An idea DJ, who remixes ideas cross-industry.

Bertrand Piccard

Explorer, Balloonist & President of the Solar Impulse Project

Erik Saelens

Charismatic and forward-thinking brand marketing expert, founder and...

Erin Meyer

INSEAD's Expert in Cross-Cultural Management and winner of the Thinkers 50...

Kjell Nordstrom

Unconventional Swedish economist and dynamic "funky" business thinker

Laura Winterling

Physicist, former astronaut trainer at ESA and keynote speaker

Jonas Ridderstrale

Highly Respected & Influential Business Thinker.

Jean Todt

French motorsport executive, President of the FIA and keynote speaker.

Marga Hoek

International figurehead on sustainable business and capital.

Alex Osterwalder

Author of two business innovation publications. Inventor of the Business...

Pankaj Ghemawat

Award-winning author, speaker and economist, Global Professor of...

Alf Rehn

Highly engaging Thinkers50 recognised thought leader and speaker who...

Jamie Anderson

Academic and keynote speaker, currently studying the innovative business...

Bernard Kouchner

Founder of Médecins Sans Frontières, world-renowned humanitarian, diplomat...

Herminia Ibarra

Management Thinker & Author, Expert in Women & Leadership at INSEAD

Manfred Kets de Vries

World Leading Expert in the Psychology of Business & Leadership at...

Alain de Botton

A popular philosopher who strives to engage with everyday life in original...

Kevin Kelly

Internationally acclaimed speaker, best-selling author, Execution,...

Gerard Houllier

Former Manager of Liverpool FC.

Alan O’Neill

Author, trainer, speaker, international change consultant who drove...

Mark Esposito

A socio-economic futurist who consults in corporate sustainability and...

Anders Dahlvig

Former Chief Executive & President of The IKEA Group.

Albert Bosch

Achieved many sporting firsts including solo travelling across the...

Alessandro Di Fiore

Carlos Munoz

Top Spanish entrepreneur known as the 'Spanish Richard Branson'.

Ashly Fusiarski

Extreme adventurer who has lived in and endured all of the planet's...