Thimon de Jong

Bring the outside world in. Future-proof your business strategy with...

Rahaf Harfoush

A strategist, digital anthropologist, and best-selling author who focuses...

Jean-Claude Trichet

The former President of the European Central Bank and Chairman of the...

Yuval Harari

Author of an international best-selling book, a speaker, an Israeli...

Nilofer Merchant

Digital & Future Thinker - Go-Getting Go-To Advisor - Grows Companies

Stephane Garelli

Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness, former MD of the World...

Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Meskó is The Medical Futurist - One of the world's leading...

Stefan Hyttfors

Acclaimed futurist, author and disruptive technologies global speaker.

Pellegrino Riccardi

Author, Scandinavian cross cultural expert, communications consultant,...

Marga Hoek

International figurehead on sustainable business and capital.

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Pascal Lamy

Former Director General of the World Trade Organization and European...

Íngrid Betancourt

Global Human Rights Advocate.

Bjørn Lomborg

Dedicated to finding ways for humankind to address its environmental...

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

As an expert on information law and regulation, he has been advising...

Abdullah Gul

Former President of Turkey, who was also the former Turkish Prime Minister...

John Bruton

Former Irish Prime Minister & EU Ambassador to the U.S.

Bernard Kouchner

Founder of Médecins Sans Frontières, world-renowned humanitarian, diplomat...

Jacques Attali

Advisor to French Presidents, Intellectual, President of PlaNet Finance.

Herminia Ibarra

Management Thinker & Author, Expert in Women & Leadership at INSEAD

Lucas Papademos

Greek Prime Minister & former Vice President of the ECB.

Lecyca Curiel

Keynote speaker, student and strategic foresight researcher for WHETSTON.

Frederik Willem De Klerk

President of South Africa, Joint Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with...

Mark Naveh

Pioneer, expert on community building, peacebuilding and sustainability...

Jürgen Stark

Former Member Executive Board...