Ramon Vullings

An idea DJ, who remixes ideas cross-industry.

Thimon de Jong

Bring the outside world in. Future-proof your business strategy with...

Rahaf Harfoush

A strategist, digital anthropologist, and best-selling author who focuses...

Jean-Claude Trichet

The former President of the European Central Bank and Chairman of the...

Yuval Harari

Author of an international best-selling book, a speaker, an Israeli...

Bertrand Piccard

Explorer, Balloonist & President of the Solar Impulse Project

Nilofer Merchant

Digital & Future Thinker - Go-Getting Go-To Advisor - Grows Companies

Steven van Belleghem

Best-selling author, entrepreneur, digital customer focus expert and...

Stephane Garelli

Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness, former MD of the World...

Erik Saelens

Charismatic and forward-thinking brand marketing expert, founder and...

Bertalan Meskó

Dr. Bertalan Meskó is The Medical Futurist - One of the world's leading...

Magnus Lindkvist

Expert at Predicting Future Trends & Founder of the Pattern...

Erin Meyer

INSEAD's Expert in Cross-Cultural Management and winner of the Thinkers 50...

Katya Adler

Europe Editor for the BBC and, as one of the BBC's most senior figures, is...

Eleanor 'Nell' Watson

Engineer, educator and tech philosopher, Nell Watson is a captivating...

Pierluigi Collina

Referee Extraordinaire, named FIFA's 'Best Referee of the Year' six years...

Jonas Kjellberg

Co-creator of Skype, author and investor

Graeme Codrington

Expert on the future world of work and disruptive change. Keynote...

Stefan Hyttfors

Acclaimed futurist, author and disruptive technologies global speaker.

Lewis Pugh

Environmental Campaigner - Swum & Explored in every Ocean in the World.

Tim Sebastian

Former presenter of BBC HARDtalk, journalist, moderator and author

Marcel Corstjens

Expert in Marketing Strategy, Retail, Distribution & Branding at INSEAD.

Kjell Nordstrom

Unconventional Swedish economist and dynamic "funky" business thinker

Pellegrino Riccardi

Author, Scandinavian cross cultural expert, communications consultant,...

Laura Winterling

Physicist, former astronaut trainer at ESA and keynote speaker

Jonas Ridderstrale

Highly Respected & Influential Business Thinker.

Jean Todt

French motorsport executive, President of the FIA and keynote speaker.

Joschka Fischer

Former German Vice Chancellor, internationally known by being part of The...

Mikko Hypponen

Author, security expert, columnist, speaker and chief Research Officer of...

Marga Hoek

International figurehead on sustainable business and capital.

Alex Osterwalder

Author of two business innovation publications. Inventor of the Business...

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Daniel Thorniley

Authority on Emerging Global Markets.

Lene Gammelgaard

First Scandinavian Woman to Conquer Everest.

Fons Trompenaars

The original cultural difference thinker.

Pankaj Ghemawat

Award-winning author, speaker and economist, Global Professor of...

Pascal Lamy

Former Director General of the World Trade Organization and European...

Paolo Scaroni

Leading expert in global energy - Italian Businessman - Deputy Chairman of...

Ola Ahlvarsson

Renowned Swedish serial digital entrepreneur, internet strategist, author...

Alf Rehn

Highly engaging Thinkers50 recognised thought leader and speaker who...