Get the low-down on sustainability and smart cities

As technologies develop, we have a much greater chance of living in a sustainable environment where we can rebuild our world whilst protecting it. The speakers we recommend who speak on sustainability and smart cities have lived and worked in the industry for many years and have their finger on the pulse of what is happening, both good and bad. They will both fascinate and entertain your audience, and leave them with plenty to think about.

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K D Adamson

Futurist, author, presenter and expert on how the technology-enabled...

Sean Pillot de Chenecey

A cultural/social/business trends expert and an inspirational speaker who...

Peter Fisk

Global thought leader on business growth and innovation, brands and...

JB Straubel

Innovative engineer who serves as Chief Technical Officer for Tesla Motors

Joseph Stiglitz

Nobel Prize Winner, Chief Economist World Bank, Chairman of the Council of...

Yuval Harari

Author of an international best-selling book, a speaker, an Israeli...

David Rowan

Leading authority on technology trends, an award-winning journalist,...

Bertrand Piccard

Explorer, Balloonist & President of the Solar Impulse Project

Erik Saelens

Charismatic and forward-thinking brand marketing expert, founder and...

Ian Goldin

Former VP of the World Bank, Prof at University of Oxford

Steve Wozniak

Co-founder of Apple and the creative genius behind the Apple I and II

Jeremy Rifkin

Author, Economic and Social Theorist, Writer, Political Advisor and...

Ray Kurzweil

A genius of innovation and enterprise, an outstanding motivational speaker...

Lewis Pugh

Environmental Campaigner - Swum & Explored in every Ocean in the World.

Thomas Heatherwick

Designing Success

Amartya Sen

Winner of the Nobel Memorial prize for his contribution to Welfare...

Tyler Brûlé

An acclaimed authority on brand creation, marketing, culture and lifestyle...

Sebastian Thrun

Innovator who's mission in life is to revolutionise transport, education...

Bear Grylls

Show host, adventurer, author and speaker.

Simon Anholt

Founder of the Good Country movement, highly in demand for his cutting-...

Astro Teller

CEO of Moonshot for Google X. Author, entrepreneur, business leader,...

Dave Coplin

Author of two thought leader publications, self-confessed technology geek...

Joschka Fischer

Former German Vice Chancellor, internationally known by being part of The...

Nicholas Stern

A foremost expert on the impact of climate change on economics, Nicholas...

Wayne Hemingway

MBE co-founder of fashion house Red or Dead.

Peggy Liu

Expert on sustainability, Chair and co-founder of the Joint US-China...

Paolo Scaroni

Leading expert in global energy - Italian Businessman - Deputy Chairman of...

Tim Smit

Co-founder and chief executive of the Eden Project.

Bjørn Lomborg

Dedicated to finding ways for humankind to address its environmental...

Muhammad Yunus

Visionary, Nobel Laureate, Internationally Recognized for his Work in...

Alexander Betts

Authority on refugees and human migration at Oxford University.

Daan Roosegaarde

Dutch artist and innovator, founder of Studio Roosegaarde.

Jacques Attali

Advisor to French Presidents, Intellectual, President of PlaNet Finance.

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Ayesha Khanna

CEO of ADDO AI. Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Smart Cities and...

Robert Swan

The first person to walk to both the North and South Poles.

Rohit Talwar

World leading global futurist and founder of Fast Future Research.

Mikhail Gorbachev

President of the Soviet Union & Nobel Peace Prize Winner.

Ken Livingstone

Known to most for his Role as the Mayor of London.

Alastair Campbell

Former Director of Communications and Strategy in Tony Blair's Labour...