Susanne Kirlew

Author, TV presenter, international speaker and vegan expert.

Adrian Hayes

Author, record-breaking adventurer, business coach, campaigner and keynote...

Emil Lamprecht

Founder of three successful companies, growth advisor across multiple...

Adrian Chiles

TV & Radio Presenter

Ad Melkert

Former World Bank, UNDP, UN Iraq, NL Employment minister

Anders Dahlvig

Former Chief Executive & President of The IKEA Group.

Benita Ferrero-Waldner

Former European Commissioner for External Relations & European...

Charlie McCreevy

Former European Commissioner for Internal Market & Services, &...

Danny Bhoy

Scottish-Indian Comedian

Dorie Clark

Former U.S Presidential campaign spokeswoman, marketing strategy...

Beatrice Weder di Mauro

Economics expert, teaching at top universities.

Steve Faktor

A entrepreneur, futurist, innovation strategist and founder of IdeaFaktory.

Chris Brogan

Online business guru and advocate of "Doing Business the Human Way".

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Bob Pritchard

Expert in modern business management.

Danah Zohar

Management thought leader, physicist, philosopher and author

Edmund Phelps

Winner of the 2006 Nobel Memorial Prize for Economic Sciences.

Peter Senge

Influential speaker and author on organisational strategy, well known for...

Robert B Tucker

Founder and president of The Innovation Resource, Robert B. Tucker is an...

Lech Walesa

Former President of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize winner and author.

Christiana Figueres

Internationally recognised thought leader on World climate change,...

Janet Street-Porter

English celebrity, media personality, journalist and broadcaster.

Hayley Barnard

Diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias expert and thought leader.

Denise Lewis

Champion Olympic athlete for the UK and sports commentator.

Allan King

Allan King presents Sky News.

Suzy Walton

Inspirational board director, corporate governance expert, broadcaster and...

David Meerman Scott

One of the world's leading marketing and sales strategists.

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

German professional racing driver.

Michael Grade

Management Expert...

Kate Silverton

Top BBC News Presenter & Loved Journalist.

Lucy Perry

An award-winning leader, author, rule breaker, idea maker and keynote...

Bill Richardson

Governor of New Mexico and former Ambassador to the United Nations.

Clay Shirky

Studies and writes about the social, political and economic effects of...

David Yoffie

Former Chair of the HBS Executive Education Programs, Teaches Competitive...

Gary Pisano

Innovation and Competitive Strategy Expert; Harvard Business School...

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Spanish-American economist and professor at Columbia University, Xavier...

Michael Cusumano


Larry Keeley

Innovation thought leader and strategy expert.

Annie Voller

Expert in the pharmaceutical and health field.

Albert Bosch

Achieved many sporting firsts including solo travelling across the...