Helen Turnbull

World recognized thought leader in global inclusion and diversity

Denise Lewis

Champion Olympic athlete for the UK and sports commentator.

Allan King

Allan King presents Sky News.

Janet Street-Porter

English celebrity, media personality, journalist and broadcaster.

Suzy Walton

Inspirational board director, corporate governance expert, broadcaster and...

David Meerman Scott

Marketing and PR Expert, Author

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

German professional racing driver.

Michael Grade

Management Expert...

Kate Silverton

Top BBC News Presenter & Loved Journalist.

Lucy Perry

An award-winning leader, author, rule breaker, idea maker and keynote...

Bill Richardson

Governor of New Mexico and former Ambassador to the United Nations.

Clay Shirky

Studies and writes about the social, political and economic effects of...

David Yoffie

Former Chair of the HBS Executive Education Programs, Teaches Competitive...

Gary Pisano

Innovation and Competitive Strategy Expert; Harvard Business School...

Xavier Sala-i-Martin

Spanish-American economist and professor at Columbia University, Xavier...

Michael Cusumano


Larry Keeley

Innovation thought leader and strategy expert.

Albert Bosch

Achieved many sporting firsts including solo travelling across the...

Alessandro Di Fiore

Børge Ousland

Taken solo travels across Antartica & to the North Pole.

Ann Salter

Expert in the pharmaceutical and health field.

Andrew Kakabadse

One of world's leading experts on top teams and outstanding leaders.

Barbara Cassani

Founder of Budget Airline Go Fly and first leader of London's 2012 Summer...

Chris Addison

Stand-up comedian, actor, writer & director.

Clive Anderson

British presenter and comedy author.

Ed Byrne

Hilarious stand-up comedian.

Steven Sitao Xu

World-leading expert on Chinese economics and director of the Economist...

Candace Johnson

The 'Satellady', telecoms expert, pioneered the satellite industry...

Carlos Munoz

Top Spanish entrepreneur known as the 'Spanish Richard Branson'.

Ernesto Zedillo

Former President of Mexico, leading voice on globalisation.

Vlatka Hlupic

Author, founder and CEO of The Drucker Society in London.

Alex Cicelsky

Pioneer, famous natural, ecological, energy efficient building architect,...

Mark Naveh

Pioneer, expert on community building, peacebuilding and sustainability...

Laurent Haug

Innovator, entrepreneur, observer, investor, strategist, and creative...

Alan Duncan

Shadow Secretary of State for the BIS

Didier Marlier

Didier’s passion is to understand the impact that the emerging Disruption...

Junior Isles

Well-known, established commentator on power and energy.

Konstantinos Karypidis

Motivator with a unique blend of psychology, magic & illusion.

Andrew Bastawrous

Andrew Bastawrous is an eye surgeon and an inventor, building accessible...

Carl Honoré

The guru of slowness.