Chris Addison

Stand-up comedian, actor, writer & director.

Andrew Kakabadse

One of world's leading experts on top teams and outstanding leaders.

Alessandro Di Fiore

Clive Anderson

British presenter and comedy author.

Steven Sitao Xu

World-leading expert on Chinese economics and director of the Economist...

Candace Johnson

The 'Satellady', telecoms expert, pioneered the satellite industry...

Carlos Munoz

Top Spanish entrepreneur known as the 'Spanish Richard Branson'.

Ed Byrne

Hilarious stand-up comedian.

Ernesto Zedillo

Former President of Mexico, leading voice on globalisation.

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Vlatka Hlupic

Author, founder and CEO of The Drucker Society in London.

John McGrath

Internationally recognised Project and Change Management Expert

Junior Isles

Well-known, established commentator on power and energy.

Laurent Haug

Anticipate technological disruptions to invent your future

Carl Honoré

The guru of slowness.

Adrienne Lawler

Much-loved British TV presenter, broadcaster and communications consultant.

Alan Duncan

Shadow Secretary of State for the BIS

Andrew Bastawrous

Andrew Bastawrous is an eye surgeon and an inventor, building accessible...

Patrick Renvoise

Author, speaker and co-founder and Chief Neuromarketing Officer at...

Alex Cicelsky

Pioneer, famous natural, ecological, energy efficient building architect,...

Mark Naveh

Pioneer, expert on community building, peacebuilding and sustainability...

Charlotte Sweeney

Diversity, inclusion and wellbeing expert enabling organisations to adapt...

Didier Marlier

Didier’s passion is to understand the impact that the emerging Disruption...

Konstantinos Karypidis

Motivator with a unique blend of psychology, magic & illusion.

Michael Edwards

The World’s most famous non-winner at the 1988 Winter Olympics. Proving...

Diego Maradona

Argentinian Former Football Legend.

George Akerlof

Nobel Prize Winning Economist.

Heizō Takenaka

Japanese economist, author and politician.

Jon Norfolk

Athlete, coach and mentor for cyclists, olympians and paralympians.

Huw Edwards

Welsh Journalist & BBC Newsreader

Ben Hammersley

Host of Cybercrimes with Ben Hammersley, Author & Futurist

Gerd Leonhard

Futurist, Keynote Speaker & Author

Tara Swart

Neuroscientist, leadership coach, award-winning author and a medical...

Anders Indset

Norwegian philosopher, author and public speaker, Anders Indset is guest...

Jeffrey Sachs

Director Earth Institute & Adviser to Ban Ki-moon

Jim O’Neill

Former Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs

Jürgen Stark

Former Member Executive Board...

Michio Kaku

Futurist & One of the Leading Theoretical Physicists in the World -...

Nouriel Roubini

An economist whose research and insight has earned him the respect of the...

Pippa Malmgren

Macro outlook, geopolitics and technology expert - former adviser to the...