Speakers from the world of sports

Inspiring speakers from the world of sports

Bringing energy and enthusiasm to the room sportspeople from Olympic legends to football heroes to elite para-athletes can add real value to an event.

Whether an athlete, player, pundit, commentator or sports journalist, these men and women are adept at engaging audiences and evoking a range of responses from laughter to tears.

Each of them can introduce an interesting and unique element to your event. Choose the right person and you can motivate your audience to take action and change behaviour whilst delivering new insights and distinctions into teamwork, creativity, contribution and determination.

We work with some of the most well-known sportspeople in the world. Their stories of determination in the face of injury, overwhelming obstacles and tough competition can be hugely motivating. Many of their high-performance behaviours including teamwork, resilience, purpose and goal setting are equally crucial in the world of work.

Speakers from the world of sports

World-Class Athlete, Mindset Expert and Motivational Speaker
Former Chief Executive of the London Borough of Lambeth and Cove Pictures, Managing Director
A prominent TV broadcaster, commentator and World Cup winning cricketer
Gold Medal winning Paralympic Champion who has scaled Kilimanjaro on his hands and knees
World Champion Panna athlete and prominent football influencer
Football icon, former England international player and Manager
Football Icon
Football Pundit and Former Player
Presenter and Former International Rugby Player
Television presenter, broadcaster, columnist, football pundit & former professional footballer