Talent management speakers

Attract, onboard, develop, motivate and retain high-performing employees.

Our talent management speakers have helped HR professionals and executives from organisations around the world to plan and develop talent management processes that attract, retain, develop and motivate high-performing people.

Their track records in improving business performance through practices that make employees more productive is second to none. Forever at the forefront as new ways of working such as agile, flexible and remote become more popular, they have advised, guided and consulted for some of the world’s leading HR operations.

They will challenge your executives and teams to think differently about how they manage and communicate with their employees.

Our talent management speakers form part of our roster of business management speakers. You may also be interested in our leadership speakers.

Meet our talent management speakers

A global authority on the changing nature of work and leading a multi-generational workforce
Author, speaker, consultant
A strategist, digital anthropologist, and best-selling author who focuses on the intersections of emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture
Digital and future thinker – go-getting go-to advisor – grows companies
One of the world’s most influential thinkers
Meaning expert, brand & cultural strategist and keynote speaker
Former HR director & executive board member of the BBC
Global authority on people, leadership and the future of work
Authentic leadership & management expert
Leadership educator, author, speaker & executive advisor