TED speakers

TED conferences are about sharing ideas worth spreading. This is a selection of speakers who have delivered impactful talks on the TED stage.

Meet the TED speakers

Bertrand Piccard Speaker
Explorer, balloonist and President of the Solar Impulse Project
Alex Edmans Speaker
Professor of finance at London Business School
George Papandreou Speaker
Former Prime Minister of Greece
Evelyn Glennie Speaker
Profoundly deaf World renowned solo percussionist – fascinating
Nicholas Stern Speaker
A foremost expert on the impact of climate change on economics, Nicholas Stern was the World Bank’s Chief Economist for three years
Nilofer Merchant Speaker
Digital and future thinker – go-getting go-to advisor – grows companies
Noreena Hertz Speaker
One of the world’s most influential thinkers
Norman Foster Speaker
Norman Foster is one of the most important architects practising in the world today
Niall Ferguson Speaker
An academic and TV historian with a flair for popular history
Nicholas Negroponte Speaker
Founder of the One Laptop Per Child Association, which provides children in developing countries with educational devices