TED speakers

TED conferences are about sharing ideas worth spreading. This is a selection of speakers who have delivered impactful talks on the TED stage.

Meet the TED speakers

Isabel Behncke keynote speaker
Scientist, TED Fellow, public speaker, adviser of organisations, start-ups and think-tanks
Daniel Susskind, Speaker
Expert on technology's impact on work
Jinsop Lee Speaker
Industrial designer with 5 senses approach
Jeremy Heimans Speaker
World-renowned expert on building social movements; pioneer of purpose-driven marketing and business models
Jeremy Rifkin Speaker
Author, economic and social theorist, writer, political advisor and activist
Jim Al-Khalili Speaker
Physics Professor, writer & broadcaster
Karen Palmer Speaker
Storyteller from the future, award winning international artist and public speaker
Ken Hughes, Speaker
Leading consumer and shopper behaviouralist, and customer experience strategist
Julian Treasure Speaker
Sound consultant, sought-after & top-rated TED speaker
Kaihan Krippendorff Speaker
Strategy and innovation expert, founder of Outthinker, former McKinsey consultant, author of four business strategy books and sought after keynote speaker