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How Thought-Leaders Stay Ahead In An Information-Overload World

The Internet is, and always has been, all about information. A big part of what most of us do depends on us being able to consume large amounts of information on a daily basis. We also need to intelligently organise and use that information to make decisions and draw conclusions.

3 Smart Ways To Disrupt Business As Usual

I recently heard a former executive of Google speak passionately about how to disrupt business as usual by being a moonshot thinker. The take-home message is we’ve entered a new age where the speed of change today is the slowest it will be in our lifetime. Think about that insight for a moment.

Change in a Nutshell

Change is extraordinarily difficult to do as all (human) systems are wired for survival, which tends to mean repeating the coping strategies of the past. It is also extraordinarily complex to do, as organisations are comprised of many interlocking variables and myriads of human transactions – which operate both in the arena of the “legitimate”, or formal system, and the darker yet more powerful arena of the “shadow”, or informal system, where emotions are felt, work really gets done, and loyalties acted out.

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