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Combatting Cyber Crime

Cyber-enabled crime still remains a growing industry, overtaking some conventional crime types. Law enforcement has been adapting over the last few years but the pace of change is breathtaking…

Expert tips on how to run a marathon

I can’t wait to return to the London Marathon this year. It has always been a special race for me. 25 years ago, I couldn’t run half a mile after a serious knee injury put stop to my running. But during re-hab I watched the London Marathon and decided that one day I would run it even if it meant me running, walking or crawling over the line.

Comcast and the True Path of Innovation

I was never the star soccer player. I played every game throughout high school, but rarely scored. Today, I huff and puff Saturday mornings with friends ages 40 and up, yet my record remains unchanged. They keep fielding me, I think, not just because of my charming demeanor, but because I’m pretty good at placing the ball. I’ve always been able to visualize how the game would evolve, to spot a pattern emerging, and then get the ball to the player, who passed it to the player who scored.

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