Kris Verburgh Speaker
Medical doctor, researcher and author specialising in health, aging and the future of medicine and biotechnology
Melissa Sterry Speaker
A renown serial innovator of sustainability innovation and disruptive strategy in fields including cities and the built environment, design, and the visual and media arts
Michio Kaku Speaker
Futurist & one of the leading theoretical physicists in the world – great speaker
Salim Ismail Speaker
Founding executive director of Singularity University, highly sought-after for his ‘mind-blowing’ and ‘jaw-dropping’ presentations on the impact of breakthrough technologies
Aubrey de Grey Speaker
Chief Science Officer, SENS Research Foundation
Bertalan Mesko Speaker
World leading thinker and keynote speaker in digital health technologies
Zoe Kleinman
BBC tech journalist and presenter, experienced keynote speaker, panel chair and conference host
Susan Greenfield Speaker
Neuroscientist who specialises in ideas about consciousness and identity
Gary Pisano Speaker
Innovation and competitive strategy expert; Harvard Business School Professor; Author
Andrew Hessel Speaker
Futurist and trailblazer in Biological Technologies; Co-founder, Genome Project-write; Founder, Humane Genomics Inc