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Providing The Perfect Speaker For Your Event

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Leading Speaker Bureau

Speakers Associates are one of the top Global speaker agencies. For over 15 years we have been matching the perfect speaker to a wide variety of company conferences and events both in the UK Europe and the rest of the world.

Why choose us
What sets us apart from other speaker bureaus is our intimate knowledge of the speakers that we use: with every speaker we recommend being known to us personally. This knowledge enables us to make the difference at your event by aligning the speaker to your exact requirements. Ensuring that you, your company and your audience take real value each and every time.

Helping you
Our agents have worked in the industry for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to assist, guide and help you plan a perfectly matched speaker to the topic or nature of the event.

Top categories of speakers globally include leadership, talent management, innovation, change management and team working. We have a plethora of leading speakers in these areas in addition to after dinner or guest speakers.

Where do our speakers speak
Simply put – anywhere in the world, across all companies and markets.

Who are our speakers
Our speaker list is vast and includes international leaders, top business leaders through to celebrities and top sportspeople, professors of the world’s leading business schools as well as artists and performers.

What do they cost
Speakers’ fees are dependent on their stature and popularity. Our pricing reflects our speakers’ experience and starts at around the £5000 mark. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and let our experts match you to the ideal speaker.

Thinkers 50
We are proud sponsors of Thinkers 50. The Thinkers50 global ranking of management thinkers is published every two years and is the essential guide to which thinkers and ideas matter now. Find out more >>