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We offer one of the largest rosters of conference and motivational speakers from across all sectors, covering the widest range of business, political and social topics. 

We understand that the choice of your next speaker can be overwhelming at times. After all, the success of your event relies in large part on the impact created by the person you choose. That’s where we come in! Our team here at Speakers Associates excels at offering personalised recommendations to help you select the best, most impactful speaker for your event.

With over two decades of experience, our team is highly skilled at offering innovative ideas and solutions for corporate events around the world. We stand ready to advise you on how to find the right keynote speaker whose presentation will inspire, educate and inform your audience. 

We have speakers available for both in-person and virtual engagements. Browse through our entire online roster to begin your search, or complete the form below to receive a personalised list of our recommendations for your event. There is no obligation or fee for this service — we simply want you to find the perfect match to meet your audience’s needs! 

“Working with Speakers Associates for many years has always been a very pleasant experience. As the Secretary General of 2 EMEA trade associations, I can only advise my peer organisations to work with them.”

Hans Hanegreefs
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