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About Speakers Associates

We bring together world-class thinkers with world-class companies, inspiring change and making an impact across the world.

A global speaker bureau

Across events, workshops, consultancy and organisational development programmes, Speakers Associates brings thought leaders and enterprises together to inspire, motivate, educate and create a positive impact on the world.

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we serve clients and speakers in Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East and beyond. We are founding members of the European Association of Speakers Bureaux and belong to the International Association of Speakers Bureaus, two organisations dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and amplification of voices around the globe.

Our company is ever-evolving, as we are constantly inspired by the work we do and the connections we build. Our goal? To become the most innovative, forward-thinking speaker bureau in the world, effecting change on a massive scale.

Our history

Since we began in 1999, we have always sought to represent each of our clients to the highest degree. We remain one of the only owner-led agencies, offering unparalleled personalised attention to our clients and our speakers. 

An innovative and forward-thinking speakers bureau

Since 2020, adaptation and flexibility have become necessary components of our lives. The event and speaking world has changed dramatically in the face of the pandemic. Speakers Associates has risen to the occasion, adapting to the challenging global landscape with innovative ways to support our speakers and serve our clients. We continue to develop multiple platforms and event styles, ensuring we can meet the needs of our clients and speakers everywhere. 

We are proud to lead the industry with an ever-widening scope of services. As the first speaker bureau to build a Video-on-Demand platform, Oratorical, we have proven our commitment to innovation and adaptation. Our plans for the future include even more cutting-edge offers designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing world.

A diverse roster of keynote & motivational speakers

Speakers Associates represents many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, business thinkers, pioneers, athletes and authors. Our talent roster features thousands of highly sought-after speakers, and our industry connections provide access to countless others.

We are trusted by industry giants such as Deutsche Bank, the US Navy, Thompson Reuters, Amazon, Tata and Abbvie having proven our ability to understand goals and meet a variety of needs across their organisations. We are committed to amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups and continue to increase the diversity of our talent roster and employees. 

With a passion matched only by that of our speakers, Speakers Associates is committed to crafting precedent-setting deals and building new brands and businesses driven by our speakers’ ideas, interests and opportunities.

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