Future of work speakers

From changing workplaces, cultures, skillsets and careers; embrace the new future with our experts in this field

The future world of work will be radically different than the work environment of today, and the pace of change will be faster than anyone expects. Issues of skillset and mindset changes, societal implications of contemporary work culture, performance and agile workforces along with adaptability are all issues organisations face. Our range of speakers can help you plan for this new future.

Meet our speakers on the future of work

280k twitter followers; a dynamic and widely-recognised speaker, specialising in marketing and business-to-client engagement through social media
Ben Renshaw: Foremost leadership expert specialising in purpose-led cultures
Neuro-Scientist and Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio
Former global managing partner at IBM
Speaker on change management, corporate culture and customer experience
Executive director of the DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey is Google’s top rated futurist speaker
International expert, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, eminent professor and researcher
International speaker, advisor, and author specialized in global business and communication
Top technology and AI speaker, Co-Founder and VP Engineering of Siri and Viv Labs
Bestselling leadership author, organizational culture expert