Future of work speakers

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The future world of work will be radically different than the work environment of today, and the pace of change will be faster than anyone expects. Issues of skillset and mindset changes, societal implications of contemporary work culture, performance and agile workforces along with adaptability are all issues organisations face. Our range of speakers can help you plan for this new future.

Meet our speakers on the future of work

Innovative technology speaker, CEO and Founder of Emotiv, one of the most Influential Women in Technology
Leadership speaker, founder and CEO of Count Me In
Forbes publisher, futurist, moderator, speaker
Founder and group CEO of Karrikins Group
Bestselling leadership author, organizational culture expert
Technology futurist
New York Times Best-Selling Author, Empowerment Coach, Founder-CEO at Motivating the Masses & Transformational Speaker
Emmy-nominated journalist
Professor, writer and speaker
Founder of Winning By Design, author and keynote speaker