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Near futurist, keynote speaker, author and advisor on digital matters

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Ade is a former technologist who today helps organisations to thrive in the digital age.

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His extensive experience gives him a ‘bits to boardroom’ perspective on how the world is changing, and how we need to respond personally, professionally and organisationally. Some refer to Ade as a near futurist. He is also the founder of the Digital Readiness Institute.

Ade is an experienced motivational speaker known for his engaging, thought provoking and inspiring approach to alerting audiences as to what lies ahead. Specifically, he:

  • Provides both a ‘zoom out’ perspective on what is happening, coupled with ‘zoom in’ guidance on how to capitalise on the changes.
  • Has a strong sense of what lies ahead, and so can give you a competitive advantage.
  • Is a former technologist who today works with senior executives. His deep ‘bits to boardroom’ grasp of digital matters can be applied to the needs of your audience.
  • Has a compelling and engaging delivery style, which will energise and inspire your audience.

Ade is an expert on digital matters and can cover themes that are at or near the intersection of people, leadership and technology, delivering to audiences ranging from new entrants through to senior executives, whether technical or non-technical.

Ade McCormack’s Background

Ade is a former technologist (astrophysics and software engineering), who today is focused on helping individuals and organisations thrive in the digital age. In more recent years, his focus has taken a more strategic / macroeconomic / future-oriented perspective. Thus, he has a forward-thinking grasp of what is happening in the market, and of how his clients can capitalise on the changes taking place.

Ade is known for his thought-provoking perspectives, and his ability to communicate in a clear, engaging and entertaining manner. This makes him a much sought-after public speaker across the world. His experience working across multiple industries across multiple countries over the course of multiple decades makes him uniquely qualified to guide your and your organisation into the digital age.

Ade McCormack’s Achievements

  • Development of naval command and control systems, including radar, electronic warfare, fighter aircraft, battlefield simulation and weapons trials management.
  • Development of a global investment bank middle office system to detect rogue trading in derivatives.
  • Development of a system to manage data and telecoms cabling for an investment bank.
  • Development of an avionics lifecycle cost modelling system for the Ministry of Defence.
  • Project management and development of a set of subsystems to detect and analyse data from a space-located gamma radiation detector for the European Space Agency.
  • Project management of a search and rescue system for the UK Maritime and Coastguard agency.
  • Advisor on global digital leadership development programme for one of the world’s largest banks.
  • Financial Times opinion columnist on digital leadership matters.
  • CIO magazine columnist on digital leadership matters. As well as being a judge on the CIO 100.
  • Closing keynoter at Gartner symposium.
  • Author of six books on digital matters.
  • Advisor to the European Commission on e-skills policy.
  • Advisor to a variety of organisations across retail, telecoms, financial, staffing and advisory on digital transformation.


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[ATM17 EMEA]: Keynote, Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist
[ATM17 EMEA]: Keynote, Ade McCormack, Digital Strategist
Homo Extensis: Augmented Man – Ade McCormack, Financial Times
Homo Extensis: Augmented Man – Ade McCormack, Financial Times

While he has some fascinating insights on the past and present, the real value is when he shares his insights on how the world of work is evolving.'

Dr Gerard Lyons
Chief Economist advisor to Policy Exchange and former Chief economic advisor to Mayor of London
Harvard Business Review

'Ade McCormack sounds a much-needed clarion call for IT to 'grow up' and become a mature business function.'

Nicholas Carr
Former executive editor
Financial Times

'I am delighted to recommend Ade. He is an excellent colleague, reliable and smart.'

Paul Taylor
Editor - Connected Business
Allen & Overy

'Ade delivering the closing address at Allen & Overy's global technology conference. It was very well delivered, successfully drew together the themes of the conference and played them back in a highly original and thought-provoking way.'

Andrew Brammer
Director - IT and Shared Services

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