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Ainsley Harriott

Popular, charismatic British chef, TV presenter and author

Ainsley Harriott: Biography highlights

Ainsley Harriott is best known as the host for “Ready, Steady, Cook” and “Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook”. His fun and friendly style has endeared him to the British nation.

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Full biography of Ainsley Harriott

Quick-witted, charismatic celebrity chef Ainsley Harriott is the consummate professional as an awards host and presenter. Following a successful career in cooking, TV and radio, Ainsley is well-recognised for his lovable, larger-than-life presence, having fronted a range of cookery and lifestyle programmes including Ready Steady Cook and the One Show.

A household name, celebrity chef and Ready Steady Cook presenter, Ainsley is one of life’s true delights.

Ainsley is quick-witted, charismatic and is always the consummate professional. With over 18 years as a popular TV celebrity chef, it is no wonder Ainsley is considered a culinary legend.

With his vibrant personality and infectious larger than life attitude, Ainsley is like his food diverse and delicious!

Ainsley Harriott’s Career

Ainsley’s cooking career began when he was offered an apprenticeship at an East End restaurant at the age of 16. After years of hard work in the kitchen, Ainsley rose to Head Chef position at Lord’s Cricket Ground’s Long Room.

He also worked as a chef in many restaurants in London including the Dorchester, Brown’s, The Hilton, The Westbury, Café Pelican and Quaglino’s.

While at Lords he was asked to present More Nosh, Less Dosh on BBC Radio 5 and in 1993 he secured a small role in sci-fi comedy Red Dwarf and eventually became the resident chef on Good Morning.

In addition to Ainsley’s phenomenal success with Ready Steady Cook, his Cant Cook Won’t Cook spin-off was also immensely popular and he became a household name.


Alongside his TV career, Ainsley has written a number of highly successful books to accompany his television series, including Ainsley’s Barbecue Bible and Ainsley’s Gourmet Express.

He has become a number one best seller, having sold more than two million cookery books worldwide, starting in 1996 with In The Kitchen, followed in 1998 with Meals in Minutes. He also markets his own range of supermarket foods, including couscous, risotto, soups and cereal bars.

Speaking and presenting

Ainsley is one of Britain’s most recognised TV personalities, with an instantly warm, friendly and charming personality, he is the ideal awards host and after dinner speaker for your event or conference. Ainsley will always provide food for thought. He appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2015.

Ainsley continues to be one of the nation’s best-loved chefs and TV personalities.



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L&Q Awards

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for recommending Ainsley for our award ceremony last night, what a star! He was so down to earth, worked the room continuously throughout the drinks reception posing for photos, signing autographs, nothing was too much trouble. During the dinner, he continued to work the room again talking to all the guests. He must have spoken to each and every guest and kissed and cuddled them at least three times each, there were 150! What a genuine, funny and charming man.'

Tower Hamlets Council

'Ainsley was amazing! The day went really well and only a chef presenter of Ainsley's experience and unique approach to the public could have got the crowd going. I really liked the fact that he offered the contestants advice as well as praise as this gave the event a more spontaneous feel. The restaurants were really appreciative as were the local politicians.'

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