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Prost is a true star of Formula One World Championships, having won four titles. This record has only been beaten by Manuel Fangio (with five) and Michael Schumacher (with seven). Alain held the record for the most Grand Prix victories for fourteen years and in 1999 was awarded the World Sports Award of the Century for motorsport.

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Alain Prost is an honest and knowledgeable speaker, holding the attention of his audience effortlessly. He knows how it feels to strive and succeed as an individual and as part of a team, something which is vital in all working environments. Motivating others comes easily to Alain and he hopes to inspire others to achieve success in their chosen fields.

Alain Prost was born on 24 February 1955 in Lorette, France. At the age of fourteen he first tried go-carting whilst on a family holiday and fell in love with the sport. He left school in 1974 in order to become further involved in racing, supporting himself by learning some kart mechanic basics.

The prize for winning the French senior go-karting championship was a season with Formula Renault, and a young Alain soon won this. Being talented and ambitious, he progressed to Formula Three and won several European championships before joining McLaren at the age of 25. After some disputes within the team, Alain chose to move to Renault where he enjoyed great success, before moving back to McLaren in 1984. As his fame in the world of Formula One grew, Alain moved to Ferrari. After numerous victories and an eventful few years, he returned to Williams-Renault in 1993 where his success continued.

He has worked commentating on televised races and has also been involved in test driving for McLaren.

Alain Prost’s Career

His racing career has been inspirational; not only a World Championship record holder for fourteen years, he also achieved 106 podiums, 42 fastest laps and 798.5 points. A true hero of Formula One, he was also known for his rivalry with Nigell Mansell, Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet.

Renowned for his driving style (his nickname being The Professor), Alain kept calm and collected behind the wheel, going easy on his tyres and brakes early in the race for optimum performance during the critical last minutes.
Alain ran Prost Grand Prix (which was originally Ligier, a French team) from 1997 until 2001, when it unfortunately went bankrupt.

Alain married Anne-Marie in 1980 and together they have three children called Nicolas, Sacha and Victoria. His eldest son, Nicolas, has been involved in motor racing since he was 22, following in his dads footsteps.

A lover of motor racing in all of its forms, Alain competes in the French National Ice Racing Championship for the Andros Trophy. A true sportsman, his hobbies include cycling, golf, skiing and motor boats.

Alain Prost’s Current / Past Roles & Positions

Four times Formula One champion who has been awarded an OBE and a Chevalier de la Legion d’honneur.



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2016 FIA Sport Conference - Alain Prost Interview
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Alain Prost about speed, strategy and setbacks | Formula E

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