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Alessandro Di Fiore

Di Fiore is the originator of the concept of the insight-driven organization and is the leading global thinker on the power of democratization in generating strategic insights. In 2016 he was included in the Thinkers50 Radar as one of the 30 global thinkers most likely to influence the future of management and organizations.

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“Seed the future not the present,” proclaims Alessandro Di Fiore to summarize the driving idea behind his work as a thought leader, speaker, consultant, author and media commentator. Over 25 Fortune500 companies across four continents have worked with Alessandro on strategic innovation and innovation management.

He is founder and CEO of the European Centre for Strategic Innovation (ECSI) and ECSI Consulting which has been named by Kennedy Research as one of the top 15 leading companies in global innovation consulting. ECSI is one of only two European-headquartered consulting companies in the list.

As an author, Alessandro is a contributor to the Harvard Business Review ( as well as other leading publications – including the LSE Review,  the Rotman management magazine, The Economic Times (India), London Business School Review, The Huffington Post, and the European Business Review. He is also author of a number of Harvard Business School case studies.

Alessandro speaks at events throughout the world.  He has spoken at global conferences and run customized seminars on topics including: the Insight Driven Organization; co-creation in B2B; business model innovation; the innovation premium and innovation marketing; and the mission and roles of innovation leaders.

The Insight Driven Organization

Today, competitive advantage comes from the capability to generate novel strategic insights and ideas with the potential to change the game in your market.

Unfortunately, most companies are not able to harness the full creative power of the mass of employees and consider strategy and innovation as the specialized job of a select few in the company (e.g. marketing, R&D), the “elected”.

The management idea:

  • Go beyond the traditional belief that insight generation is the responsibility of few people in the organization
  • Make the insight generation process more democratic and inclusive of the mass of employees
  • Develop the strategic and customer’s insight generation skills of the mass of your employees.

Alessandro has published extensively on the topic.

Co-Creation in B2B

In a world of widely distributed knowledge, B2C but also the less visible B2B companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own ideas.

They need a new, more open, effective and quicker process for innovation; a process able to pick the collective brain power of outside scientists, engineers, customers, partners and suppliers.

The management idea:

  • Co-creation is a dynamic process of collaborative innovation between a company and its stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers, scientists and more)
  • Alessandro has developed and successfully tested in practice a methodology and process to execute co-creation initiatives with different types of contributors
  • Co-creation is a simple idea, how to execute it successfully based on the lessons and methodology of hundreds of cases is what makes the difference.

Alessandro has published extensively on the topic (for more, check out the Harvard Business Review webinar in the video section).

Awards, accolades, achievements, honours

Alessandro was listed in the Thinkers50 Radar list of 30 thinkers to watch in 2016. He is a member of YPO-WPO (, the largest organization for CEOs and Presidents in the world. He has been a board member of the International Education Committee for YPO-WPO and was responsible for global innovation from 2011 to 2015.

Speaking style

A native Italian speaker and a fluent English speaker, Alessandro is captivating, educational and thought-provoking.  His speaking engagements open new perspectives for audiences while remaining solidly grounded in what works in practice in large organizations.

Speaking Topics

  • The Insight Driven Organization
  • Co-Creation in B2B
  • The Future of Management & Organizations


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