Alex Cicelsky

Pioneer, famous natural, ecological, energy efficient building architect, co-founder of Core Faculty Member and keynote speaker.

Alex Cicelsky is a Pioneer, a famous natural, ecological, energy efficient building architect and the co-founder of Core Faculty Member.

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Alex Cicelsky speaker, co-founder of Kibbutz Lotan spent the day at Rashi | 2013

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About Alex Cicelsky

Alex Cicelsky is a pioneer and famous natural, ecological, energy efficient building architect. He is also the co-founder of Core Faculty Member and keynote speaker.

He is also a senior staff member and Co-founder of the Center for Creative Ecology (CfCE) and a founder of Kibbutz Lotan, a liberal Jewish intentional community actively engaged with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN).

He grew up in New York State, studied international agriculture at Cornell University's school of Agriculture and Life Sciences and graduated, following establishment of Kibbutz Lotan, from the Hebrew University Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment with a degree in Soil and Water Sciences and Environmental Quality in Agriculture.

Alex, completed his MSc. at Ben Gurion University's Department of Desert Architecture and Urban Planning / Institutes for Desert Research while researching development of energy efficient building for extreme climates in conjunction with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

He lectures on numerous subjects dealing with sustainable design and environmental ethics at the CfCE, universities and professional seminars worldwide.

Alex is an expert in designing hand-built and energy efficient structures with recycled and natural materials like car tires, straw bales and clay-earth.

Speaking Topics

  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Technologies
  • Natural and ecological architecture
  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Technologies
  • Waste Water - Water harvesting, grey and black water systems, dry sanitation systems
  • Solar energy
  • Empowerment and Ownership: The Wadi El-Na'am Story. Case study and lessons learned from earth-building project in an unrecognized Bedouin village
  • Designing energy efficiency buildings
  • Construction using local, natural and recycled materials
  • Earthships, Strawbale Houses Geodesic domes – energy efficient and earthquake resistant
  • Ecological design: determining sustainable design criteria
  • Ecological design passive solar technologies
  • Spirituality, cultural heritage and environmental design


  • Earth-building basics: earth mixes for bricks, monolithic walls and plasters, principles and practices
  • Earth-building challenges: integrating recycled waste as a construction resource
  • Geodesic domes: structures of the future, safe solutions for today.
  • Earth-Building Techniques and Principles: Examples from around the world
  • Alternative Technologies: Composting Toilets, Solar Ovens, Wastewater Treatment, Biogas
  • Intelligent, Energy-Efficient Design for Buildings
  • The bible and the mandala: what we can learn from ancient texts about living sustainably today


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