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Anne Hoyer has vast experience managing IoT and Innovation project around the world.

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With her knowledge of the industry, Anne has been advising several Fortune 500 companies on their IoT and innovation strategy and leading cross-company execution teams on IoT development. An IoT expert who started her Technology career at SAP and quickly progressed to a global role in the industry, Anne is now heading the Business Consulting practice for the SAP Innovation portfolio at CGI France.

Prior to that, with her MBA, Anne has held various positions in the media industry from sales to market research over radio and podcast hosting.

Anne Hoyer inspirational speaker

In 2017 she was named one of the top 30 inspirational women in Technology by Inc.com and since then has been contributing in strengthening the confidence of young professionals in the industry through mentorships and motivational speeches.

Anne is a frequent keynote speaker and panellist on the topics of IoT and Innovation, while also holding several advisory board seats in the tech space, mentoring young talent and representing her hometown Copenhagen as an official Goodwill Ambassador.

She gives listeners inspiration on how to utilize IoT to innovate, the true power of data, teaching people how to overcome classical obstacles on IoT projects while painting a picture of where the industry is at this moment while taking an educated peek into the future. All this, so the listeners can gain both inspiration and confidence in finding their competitive advantage with new technologies.

In her motivational speech, Anne addresses the younger talent in companies with personal stories from her own career. She aims to inspire and create confidence to take the next steps to grow and reach their professional goals. This talk is focused on people in technology.

Awards and Nominations

  • Shortlisted; Future CIO of the Year 2018, Information Age
  • Named; One of the 30 most inspirational Women in Technology 2017, inc.com
  • Global Rising Star, SAP
  • Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, Copenhagen Capacity (Greater Copenhagen)
  • Nordic Urban Sustainability Ambassador, BloxHub


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