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On her motivational talks, Araceli Segarra use her experience during the 1996 EVEREST climb while filming an IMAX documentary.

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Araceli Segarra’s background

That year took place the worst tragedy of the history of that mountain where a total of 14 people died, Araceli along with the IMAX crew made a rescue team.

She also describes the insights she gained into various aspects of human nature, and particularly, when humans are pushed to the limits. She compares the physically, mentally, and emotionally strenuous and complicated ascent of a big mountain, and the analogously strenuous and complicated world of business life.

Araceli is author of the book Not that high and not that difficult, a book where she reviews the different topics of her talk and a book for those who search for goals, she has also written and illustrated a series of Children’s book: Tina’s Journey and has work for some publicity brands and model for cover magazines.

  • Dedicated mountaineer whose journey up Mount Everest was documented in the IMAX film ‘Everest’
  • Started climbing at the age of twenty and has scaled some of the world’s most challenging peaks
  • First Spanish woman to reach the summit of Everest
  • She has done more than 30 expeditions around the world
  • She has climbed alpine Amadablam (Himalaya 6.812m) alone
  • She has rock climbed el Cap in Yosemite (1.000m verticals)
  • Ice climbed the Pomme d’Or in Canada (400m verticals)
  • Has opened new routes in big walls in Oman, Iran or Mali, besides many other ascents
  • Expert in organisation, planning, leadership and risk management
  • Regular presenter on Catalan Radio and Barcelona’s Radio 1

A true inspiration, Segarra is available to present in Spanish, Catalan, English and French.



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Climbing as a metaphor of life: Araceli Segarra at TEDxBarcelonaWomen
Climbing as a metaphor of life: Araceli Segarra at TEDxBarcelonaWomen
Araceli Segarra Interviewed by Geoff Powter
Araceli Segarra Interviewed by Geoff Powter
Araceli Segarra - Connexio Barcelona - Part 1
Araceli Segarra - Connexio Barcelona - Part 1
Araceli Segarra   De Cerca   TV1   Part 1
Araceli Segarra De Cerca TV1 Part 1
Capital Markets, USA

Araceli helped us communicate to our team that to get through rough times the key word is teamwork. She made a superb presentation that made everybody leave the room with a completely different view of work and life.'

Adolfo del Cueto A. Bulltick
Managing Partner
Danone, Spain

'Araceli has shown us that behind any successful climb or well done work, there is a highly motivated team with a positive attitude.'

Jordi Constants
General Manager
Spirent, UK

'It was wonderful to hear Araceli's experiences and, for a change, to have a speaker who spoke and answered questions from the heart! Too often we have people who tell us what we want to know in 'business speak'.'

David Hill
Vice President

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