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Sometimes referred to as TV’s ‘Action Man’, Ben Fogle is a man driven by a taste for adventure.

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A much loved television presenter, Ben Fogle is also an adventurer and an author. Known to most for his work on animal shows such as Countryfile and Crufts, Ben is also a keen supporter of several wildlife charities.

Ben Fogle’s Background / History

Ben Fogle was born on 3 November 1973 to a family with experience of TV work his mother is the actress Julia Foster and his father Bruce Fogle, the well-known TV vet and author. He has two sisters called Emily and Tamara. His family summer holidays in rural Canada probably go some way to explaining his love of wildlife and the great outdoors. Ben attended The Hall School in London and then Bryanston School in Dorset. Having succeeded at school, he went on to get a degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Portsmouth. His gap year travels and charitable work had further encouraged him to pursue a life of adventure, and on leaving university he joined the Royal Navy as a Midshipman for a time. He eventually returned to studies, spending a year at the University of Costa Rica.


Ben Fogle was working for Cond Nast Publications Tatler magazine when he decided to apply to participate in the BBC TV show Castaway 2000. He was successful and soon won the hearts of viewers whilst appearing in the show, which was filmed on the rugged Scottish Island of Taransay. He was encouraged by his positive experience on the show and made up his mind not to return to Tatler; he wanted to be a TV presenter.

His pre-existing popularity meant that Bens career change was met with enthusiasm by viewers, and he has since been the presenter of several TV shows, including Animal Park, Countryfile, Crufts, Extreme Dreams, One Man and His Dog, Wild on the West Coast and Wildlife Park. He has also appeared in numerous other programmes as a guest or guest presenter and works for NBC News in the USA as a special correspondent.


Fogle has been on many amazing adventures in his life, some of which he has chronicled in his books. He admits he was shy from a young age and that his childhood explorations in Canada had allowed him to grow in confidence and inspired him to seek out new places to roam.

Ben worked for Hello! magazine for a while as a travel editor, journeying to far flung places such as the Arctic, East Timor and the Falkland Islands. He travelled to Zambia whilst working for the magazine and fell in love with the African landscape. Since then he has visited Africa numerous times, exploring Botswana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

He has travelled Papua New Guinea, leading an expedition along the Black Cat Trail through the jungle. Despite the difficulties of this trail, Ben has said that one of the hardest journeys he has made was the 2005 Marathon Des Sables, which takes place in the Sahara Desert. During the 160 mile race, participants are self-sufficient and must use their initiative to succeed in the harsh conditions.

Ben decided to not only explore hot countries and travel on land and went on to trek to the South Pole and to row the Atlantic. He wants to go on to swim the Atlantic for charity.

Personal and Charitable Interests

As he is a lover of nature and travel, it is not surprising that Ben Fogle supports a number of charities, including the WWF, Medecins Sans Frontier (Doctors Without Borders) and Tusk (an African conservation charity). He is proud to be president of the Campaign for National Parks and to be a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

In 2006, Ben married Marina Hunt and they now have two children named Ludo and Iona. In his spare time, it is not surprising to learn that Ben enjoys sports and outdoor activities. He is qualified to sail several kinds of boat and has a Scuba diving licence.

Ben Fogle is passionate about nature and conservation. The challenging adventures he has undertaken mean that he has had to learn to be self-sufficient and to continue to strive despite harsh conditions. He is keen to help others achieve their potential and to inspire others to appreciate the natural world.

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Presented Animal Park, Countryfile, Crufts, Extreme Dreams, One Man and His Dog, Wild on the West Coast and Wildlife Park
  • Has explored numerous wilderness areas
  • Has written books about his adventures
  • The winner of a Royal Television Society (RTS) award (Through Hell and High Water)
  • Nominated for TV Personality Of The Year and Best New Talent

Speaking Style

Amusing, enthusiastic, informal, passionate, story-telling



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POD Talks - Ben Fogle
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Interview with Ben Fogle | Ethical Hedonist TV

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