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Bertrand Piccard is the co-founder of the Solar Impulse Project, which has designed and built a craft which will fly around the globe without fuel. Its aim is to show the world that progress is possible using clean forms of energy. This is the culmination of a lifetime fascination with aviation and human behaviour in extreme situations.

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Adventurers and Explorers
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English, German

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He was a pioneer of hang gliding and microlight flying in the 1970s and has licenses to fly balloons, airplanes, gliders and motor-gliders.He is a sought after speaker who uses balloon flight as a metaphor for life to help others find success and fulfilment.

He has a degree in psychology and sees flying as a laboratory to study human behavior in extreme situations. He used hypnosis to withstand the rigours of a 5000km trans-Atlantic hot air balloon race which he won. In 1999 he completed the first-ever nonstop balloon circumnavigation of the globe, flying more than 45,000 km in 20 days.

Bertrand Piccard has a flamboyant style and a sense of excitement and drama which he uses when sharing his amazing adventures: Not only is he the man behind the Solar Impulse Project – the stunning 2015/2016 circumnavigation of the globe via solar powered plane, but he was also the first to complete a non-stop round the world balloon flight with Brian Jones. He is a speaker who connects brilliantly with a business audience looking for motivation in what otherwise might seem impossible.

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  • Hubbard medal


Bertrand speaks English, German and French.

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Amusing, informal, enthusiastic, passionate, thought-provoking story-teller.



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Bertrand Piccard - Keynote Speaker "The Life of a Pioneer"
Bertrand Piccard - Keynote Speaker "The Life of a Pioneer"
Bertrand Piccard calls for #1000solutions at the Global Shapers Summit 2018
Bertrand Piccard calls for #1000solutions at the Global Shapers Summit 2018
Popular Mechanics

How far can you go with no fuel? If aeronautical adventurer Bertrand Piccard has any influence, the answer will be: all the way around the world'

Jeff Wise

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