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Norwegian explorer Ousland is living testament to humankind’s adventurous spirit and ability to triumph over adversity.

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Børge Ousland’s Background

Once described by National Geographic as ‘the most accomplished polar explorer alive’, Børge is a popular international speaker who draws on more than 20 years’ experience with record-breaking expeditions to inspire audiences to reach for their own goals, professional and private.

In his highly rated presentations, Børge shares awe-inspiring highlights from all of his polar explorations and adventures up to and including his recent circumnavigation of the Arctic.

Having traversed through some of the most difficult conditions on Earth – often times alone – Børge proves that it is possible to achieve the “impossible”. Rigorous planning, overcoming fear, and finding motivation even at the most seemingly hopeless of moments, are among the ingredients that have repeatedly led him to success.

Already the world’s leading solo polar explorer, Børge teamed up with partner Mike Horn in 2006, to become the first to reach the North Pole unsupported during the darkness of winter – one of the most technically difficult expeditions ever accomplished. With this expedition he further demonstrated the value of collaboration, compassion, commitment and vision.

One of National Geographic’s highest rated speakers and a gifted storyteller, Ousland shares the numerous physical and mental challenges he faced on his trip: navigating patches of icy water in a specially designed drysuit; evading polar bears; and overcoming fear, isolation, and depression. In his presentations Ousland explores what happens when a person is pushed to the limit of what they imagined they were capable. He challenges us to break through our preconceived mental boundaries; to uncover and apply our unique strengths to succeed in our own endeavors.

Børge Ousland has received several International prizes for his expeditions.



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Børge Ousland: Breaking Records in the Arctic | Nat Geo Live
Børge Ousland: Breaking Records in the Arctic | Nat Geo Live
Borge Ousland encounters polar bears
Borge Ousland encounters polar bears
Borge Ousland
Borge Ousland
Royal Geographical Society

Borge Ousland has been invited to lecture at The Royal Geographical in London several times. After his lecture, Solo across the poles, Borge received standing ovations at this honorable society.

Tourism Western Europe

Our guests are by nature of their work extremely well-travelled and they were absolutely fascinated by the lecture. The talk lasted for about an hour and included breath-taking images from the journeys. Mr Ousland certainly held the audience captive and we received very positive feedback from the guests after the event. We were delighted with the evening and highly recommend Borge Ousland as a lecturer.

Borge Ousland is both such a good speaker and adventurer. I am a great admirer of his achievements.

Reinhold Messner

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