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Cary Cooper

Named the number one most influential thinker in HR

Cary Cooper Biography

The organisational mental health expert who is the Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University.

Understanding the influence of the workplace on stress levels and mental health is essential in modern business. Cary Cooper CBE is a leading expert in such matters and has worked with the UK government, NICE and WHO in developing strategies for encouraging psychological health through occupational best practice. As President of British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and RELATE and a National Ambassador for The Samaritans, his work to raise the profile of mental health issues and in addressing factors contributory to mental illness has made him a world leading authority in his area. As a professor and a speaker, he teaches management teams to understand the psychology behind day-to-day HR matters and how to address potential pitfalls.

  • Organisational psychology guru
  • Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University Management School
  • Author and editor
  • Former Chair of The Sunningdale Institute

Knowledge of psychology and management and vast experience combine to make Professor Cooper's talks concerning mental health and work essential listening for managers from all sectors.

Cooper is a globally respected organisational psychology and stress expert who has written, contributed to, or edited more than 120 books. Having authored more than 400 scholarly articles for journals including the British Journal of Management, Organizational Dynamics, Gender, Work and Organisation, and the Journal of Health Communication, he is also a frequent contributor to newspapers and has been interviewed on both television and radio.

Known for his knowledge concerning occupational stress and organisational psychology, Professor Cooper has helped to transform management approaches to employee mental wellbeing through his work with organisations including NICE, WHO, the ILO, the EU and the UK government. As the Distinguished Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health and Pro Vice Chancellor at Lancaster University, Cooper assists to mould a new generation of managers, ones who understand the impact of workplace stress not only upon individuals, but on teams and business productivity. Working with organisations including the Institute of Management, The Royal Society of Medicine and British Psychological Society, Cooper combines knowledge of business leadership with that of psychology and health, encouraging open discourse between experts in all such areas.

Heavily involved in charities and organisations including The Samaritans, Anxiety UK, the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and Institute of Welfare, Professor Cooper's influence is assisting both individuals and businesses in dealing with stress, anxiety and mental illness, as is his work as a speaker.

Positions and honours

  • CBE (2001)
  • President – British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • President – Institute of Welfare
  • National Ambassador The Samaritans
  • Patron Anxiety UK
  • Founding Editor – Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Editor-in-Chief – Stress & Health
  • Editor-in-Chief – Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management
  • Editor – Whos Who in the Management Sciences
  • Fellow – British Psychological Society
  • Fellow – Royal Society of Arts
  • Fellow – The Royal Society of Medicine
  • Fellow – The Royal Society of Health
  • Honorary Fellow – Royal College of Physicians
  • Fellow – British Academy of Management
  • Fellow – (British) Institute of Management
  • Fellow (American) Institute of Management
  • 6th Most Influential Thinker in HR HR Magazine (2009)
  • Member – expert group for promoting mental wellbeing through productive and healthy working conditions, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (2009)
  • Former Lead Scientist – Foresight Mental Capital and Well Being Programme, UK Government Office for Science (2007-2008)
  • Former Special Adviser – Duty of Care Enquiry, Defense Committee of the House of Commons (2004 – 2005)
  • Former Chair – The Sunningdale Institute, National School of Government
  • Former Researcher – workplace violence in the health sector internationally, WHO/ILO
  • Distinguished Service Award – (American) Academy of Management (1998)

Professor Cooper has also been awarded Honorary Doctorates from numerous universities.

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Testimonials for Cary Cooper

Testimonial for Employee Morale, Driving Performance in Challenging Times: This book is timely. Many organizations worldwide are now mired in gloom and doom. Using morale as the centre piece, Bowles and Cooper lay out, in an engaging, readable and practical way, the consequences, of high morale and how to measure, develop and maintain it. The material is current and the case examples are excellent. I would highly recommend it for managers, consultants and business school management professors.

Ronald J Burke

Professor , Organizational Behaviour, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto.

Testimonial for Employee Morale, Driving Performance in Challenging Times: Driving differential levels of employee morale is now seen by many as a prerequisite for organisational success. David and Cary skilfully examine the validity of the correlation and elegantly demonstrate how the subject has moved from the realms of ‘touchy-feely HR stuff’ to ‘mission critical’ for all organisational leaders. This is a must read for anyone facing the tricky task of sustaining high morale within their 21st century employee base.

Paul Chesworth

HR Director, Vodafone Europe

Testimonial for Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide: I feel this is the coaching book I’ve been waiting for and I suspect many readers will feel the same.

Training Journal

Testimonial for Employee Morale, Driving Performance in Challenging Times: High employee morale facilitates superior performance in organizations. Therefore this relevant and readable book is highly recommended for all managers of people.

Professor Greg Bamber

Director of Research, Department of Management, Monash University, Australia.

Testimonial for Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide: A handbook that embraces diversity, bringing together a credible range of coaching models and techniques by some of the world’s leading authorities on coaching.

Katherine Tulpa

Global CEO, Association for Coaching.

Testimonial for Excellence in Coaching: The Industry Guide: Seventeen contributions offer advice on running a coaching practice, describe the most popular coaching models, provide guidance on cultural and ethical issues, and advocate for coaching supervision and accreditation. The second edition adds chapters on evaluating coaching, appreciative inquiry and making the most of a coaching investment.

Book News Inc.

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