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For over a decade, Cedric Dumont has been helping elite athletes and major organisations worldwide grow leaders at all levels by doing things differently and showing that performance come from purpose, passion and presence.

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If you are looking for a different and “out of the box” approach to leadership development, make your event extraordinary and step out of your comfort zone by having a speaker who steps out of his comfort zone for a living, then Cedric is the right person!

Cedric Dumont’s keynotes and workshops are based on a performance model combining:

  • Energy Management for full engagement,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Flowhacking techniques used in extreme environments with an approach grounded in High Performance Psychology and Neuroscience

KEY MESSAGES: DARE TO JUMP “Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone”

  • Create a BOLD leadership culture and operational excellence within your organisation and job
  • The neurochemistry of FLOW : become the BEST version of yourself when it really matters, manage fear, stress, change and perform under pressure.
  • Why your MINDSET is the ultimate factor that determines success or failure.
  • Create a GROWTH and OWNER’s MINDSET to embrace change and transformation.
  • Find your PURPOSE for full engagement:
    How to inspire others as a leader and grow leaders at all levels, the power of story-telling.
  • Why RESILIENCE is the new happiness at work.
  • FOCUS is the new IQ : selective behaviour, setting priorities, process goal and be radically accountable.
  • The science of TRUST within high-performing teams :
    Be reliable, lead by example, positive communication and empowerment.
  • Educated risk taking : there is no transformation and innovation without risk taking!
  • Preparation precedes mastery: methodology and strategies

Cedric uses a compelling mix of spectacular video footage and personal experience as an adventurer and High Performance Psychologist to engage and inspire audiences around the world.

Cedric’s ultimate mission is to share, show you the connection between adventure and business, engage and develop exceptional leaders, teams and top talents. Regardless of size or scope, his proven methods create real results that take your people and organization to all-new levels of production, innovation and success.

Cedric’s programs deliver sustained results, impact and measurable return on your training investment. Any keynote or workshop can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization and can be given in English, Dutch or French.



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When women succeed, we all win | Cedric Dumont | TEDxWarsaw
When women succeed, we all win | Cedric Dumont | TEDxWarsaw
Wingsuit Flight Over the Pyramids of Giza | Xtreme Collxtion
Wingsuit Flight Over the Pyramids of Giza | Xtreme Collxtion
ELLE x Yves Saint Laurent - Discover Cédric Dumont
ELLE x Yves Saint Laurent - Discover Cédric Dumont
From Fear to Flow | Cedric Dumont | TEDxUHasselt
From Fear to Flow | Cedric Dumont | TEDxUHasselt
Groupe Mestdagh, Manager of the year 2010 (Trends)

Thank you for sharing your experience as Extreme's sport expert and high performance psychologist. 'How to feel emotionaly confortable in our (professional) inconfortable limit zone' helps me very much. It's an 'every day' challenge to find the right balance. Your experience and the exercices you gave me help me a lot to find the right 'internal tuning'. I keep going on...'

Eric Mestdagh
Brussels Airport Company

'Cedric's global approach and focus on improving your energy level and your work-life balance is a real inspiration for me.'

Arnaud Feist
Spadel and manager of the year 2013 by Trends

'The first time I met Cedric, I knew it was the right person to kick off our annual meeting, we share the same values such as engagement and passion, his message was to the point, thank you!'

Marc du Bois
Le Pain Quotidien World

'Cedric's unique combination of action sport athlete and High performance psychologist brings a perfect connection between extreme sports and business. In both high pressure environments, flow state is becoming a must and the only way to survive and thrive under pressure.'

Vincent Herbert
PwC Belgium

'I would like to thank you for the impactful speech you gave to our IFS team. I am optimistic that your guidance will help my teams in their journey of change and to become more positive towards potential challenges.'

Axel Smits
Chairman and Senior Partner
AIR Ad Agency Brussels (Partner of McCANN)

'Cedric beautifully bridges extreme sport learnings with demanding business environment. He is inspiring, high level and very practical at the same time. We have loved the FLOW: This is a LIFE CHANGER'

Stephane Buisseret

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