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Chris Barton

Founder of Shazam, leading expert in mobile applications and successful entrepreneur

Chris Barton: Biography highlights

As the first CEO of Shazam, Chris led the creation of Shazam along with three co-founders from concept through inventing a new pattern recognition technology and then building and launching the world´s first music recognition service.

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Chris Barton’s Background

Barton co-founded Shazam in 1999 with the original idea to identify songs with a mobile phone. Before smartphones, people could call a number, put their phone up to the radio and receive a text identifying the song.

When the company launched in 2002, Shazam had 2 million songs in its database and took 15 seconds to process a user’s request. Today Shazam’s app has been downloaded by over 1 billion people globally. Now the app takes only a few seconds to identify songs from its database of over 30 million songs.

Shazam’s journey was one of faith and endurance for Barton and his co-founders. Although the company struggled for a while, 2008 saw it grow exponentially due to the introduction of iPhone and the Android app stores. Shazam, these days, is one of the world’s most popular apps. Its superior customer ratings and advanced use of technology convinced Apple to purchase the company in 2017.

Besides Shazam, Chris Barton, who holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Finance from Cambridge University and a BA from UC Berkeley, has also worked for Google, where he focused on the mobile and industry, and Dropbox, as their head of mobile operators development. Chris has also been involved with Microsoft MSN, News Corp, San Francisco Consulting Group and LEK Consulting.

He now advises passionate entrepreneurs by speaking on entrepreneurship and aids a handful of startups. The technology expert’s passion relates to all things entrepreneurial and technological in their nature. In addition, Barton is embarking on his next startup venture.



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Chris Barton - Founder of Shazam - Keynote Speaker REEL
Chris Barton - Founder of Shazam - Keynote Speaker REEL
SAP Switzerland

Chris's keynote completely captivated our audience of 1700+ SAP customers, partners, and employees. His talk was truly entertaining and inspiring. Our audience's perception of entrepreneurial innovation was completely transformed.'

Michael Locher-Tjoa
Managing Director
CEBIT d!talk

'Chris was an inspiring and sincere keynote speaker. His talk was very engaging ... the audience was fascinated by his personal insights on entrepreneurship and business strategy. Very on point, with a convincing message!'

Thomas Mosch

'Chris is a charismatic speaker who shared his inspiring story of how a seemingly impossible dream with unsurmountable obstacles eventually came to life. In a very personal and honest tone, Chris shared the many lessons learned from the challenges of creating Shazam - from the power of persuasion and convincing people to believe in their project to building credibility and sharing their passion. The overall message was very inspiring and uplifting and our audience at our UNLEASH show loved having him as a speaker!'

Marc Coleman
Founder & CEO

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