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Christopher Howell’s Background

Christopher Howell is an award-winning magician and an Associate of the Inner Magic Circle with silver star. He also holds a diploma in life coaching and a BA in Studio Arts and Theatre Arts. He has performed around the world including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and in theatres in London’s West End. Likewise, his talks and workshops that explore our potential to innovate, think more creatively ‘like magicians’ and clearly communicate with our audiences have taken him around the world. Built on his diverse creative background, Howell has developed interactive talks and workshops that make use of a variety of entertaining techniques to drive points home with delegates. By the end, everyone has had a ‘breakthrough moment’and gained essential skills.

Why Creativity?

Creativity is one of the most valuable skills we can bring to any workplace. It’s a basic ingredient for any organization that wants to survive and – even better – thrive in the uncertain conditions that surround us. Bottom lines can make it seem that our access to creativity is limited but it’s precisely when there are limitations that creativity can step in to save us. In teaching how to escape comfort zone behaviour and think in new ways, Christopher illustrates how anyone can boldly make steps into fresh creative terrain.

Why Communication?

The best magicians are experts at connecting with their audience. Christopher’s entertaining workshops demonstrate essential skills of gifted communicators and share exercises to help delegates sharpen these skills to effectively communicate, connect with and persuade their audiences.



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Singing Magician Christopher Howell
Singing Magician Christopher Howell
Linklaters LLP

“Christopher was a blast of fresh air, delivering a powerful and thought-provoking workshop which not only challenged us to think in new and innovative ways, but also gave us plenty of tips and techniques to help us apply the lessons to our business and personal lives. All this, while keeping the group entranced and thoroughly entertained. One of the most effective, original and enjoyable sessions I have ever experienced.”

Katharine Davidson, OBE
Director Of Strategy

“What we experienced was far more than a masterful illusion. Christopher’s session was extremely thought-provoking in a very positive way. The surprise was that he engaged the issues at both deeply philosophical and temporal levels simultaneously.
I was very impressed by the way he engaged the group. He did not ‘act’ in front of us; he pulled us into a world which we created together. I have no hesitation in recommending him to other organizations.”

Dr. C. Luebkeman
Director For The Department Of Foresight And Innovation
BBC Drama, Films & Acquisitions

“Thank you so much for your excellent and very inspiring workshop. You delivered everything we hoped for and more. With such a diverse group as ours, it is often hard to please everyone but what you did was spot on – a perfect balance of entertainment, drama (how apt for us!), education and inspiration.
The feedback that I have heard is all very positive. (You demonstrated) how to do something slightly outside of most people’s comfort zones and highlighted what can be achieved by looking at things differently.”

Zoe Brown
Head Of Legal And Business Affairs
Meritum Finance

“Thank you so much for contributing to the success of the event. It was great having you as a speaker at the conference in Istanbul. Your session was very interesting and thought-provoking.
The exercises not only were intriguing but they also clearly illustrated that “things are not always what they seem”. All too often we don’t stop and think about a solution in the right frame of mind. I would also like to comment on your professionalism which I really appreciated.”

M. Klopfer
Event Organiser

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