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Amazon #1 best-selling author, founder of The Dieken Group and Influence 360°, TV journalist and renowned keynote speaker.

Connie Dieken is the Amazon #1 best-selling author of two leadership and influence publications "Talk Less, Say More" and "Become the Real Deal". She is also a renowned speaker and the founder of The Dieken Group and Influence 360° and has over twenty years experience as a TV journalist working for ABC and NBC. Connie has received five Emmy Awards, two Telly Awards and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

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Connie Dieken is the Amazon #1 best-selling author of two leadership and influence publications "Talk Less, Say More" and "Become the Real Deal" and a renowned speaker.

Connie is also the founder of The Dieken Group, an executive coaching and consulting company that advises CEOs and senior leaders on how to deliver influential messages in high-pressure situations. She has consulted for a number of high profile brands including Apple, HP, Nestle and The Cleveland Clinic.

Whilst working as a TV journalist and anchor for ABC and NBC she developed a unique set of skills during her twenty years of interviewing experience. She received five Emmy Awards, two Telly Awards and was inducted into the Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame. During this time she became fascinated with how leaders influence and gain commitment and this resulted in Connie setting up Influence 360° in 2000 which is a research company that measures an individual's personal influence patterns.

She has been interviewed about her work by numerous media publications including CEO.com, CNBC, Crain's Business, Investor's Business Daily, the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

As a speaker she has presented to audiences in the thousands across four continents and talks about how to develop leadership presence and lasting influence. Her knowledge and experience has also been used to develop workshops which are very popular for those seeking more exclusive time with her. She has presented to high profile brands including Berkshire Hathaway, Citibank, Dow Corning, Dr Pepper, eBay, Ingram, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, Old Dominion, The Home Depot and Unicentro.

She is also a guest lecturer executive education and MBA programs in business schools including Case Western University, Clemson University, Indiana University and The Ohio State University.

Connie has received a number of awards including being named one of the Top Ten Business Owners Of Northeast Ohio by The National Association of Women Business Owners in 2006, Small Business Award of Excellence by the Leadership Ohio Think Tank in 2007 and Top Ten Global Guru of Executive Coaching by Global Gurus in 2017.

Speaking Topics


People crave a certain amount of structure and guidance. Without the influence of good leadership, organisational successes may stay in flux. Many organisations, especially those blessed with highly motivated, exceptional people, overlook the impact effective leaders have on organisational outcomes.

Connie focuses on and highlights various types of leadership, their traits and evaluates strengths and weaknesses. She speaks on tailoring any leader’s behavioural type to outcomes that empower people, give rise to successful performance, and influence positive actions.

Presentation Skills

Presentations today are deeply broken. The problem with the vast majority of presentations usually lies with the presenter's failure to correctly understand what the audience wants and what we want from them. And all too often, people fall back on the presentation, which usually holds back engaging with the audience. Audiences use their eyes much more readily than their ears and when we understand that we can create visuals that enhance and accompany rather than compete; we can ensure our body language says confidence and power.

Connie will show your audience how important connecting and engaging is in order to motivate people to act the way you want. Your audience will walk away with the tools and knowledge they need to understand how to present to influence action.


Selling in today's economy is fraught with distrust and requires a new perspective on tried-and-true communication techniques. People have been captured by fear, distrust in companies and our government is high, but there is still a bright spot and it's these same people. We all want to trust, we all want to be confident, we all can be motivated to act. We just need the right people to show us the way.

Connie will show your audience how selling through the fear is possible in today's market by knowing the successful communication techniques to influence people to act. Your salesforce needs to know how to listen and tailor their pitch to your customers; speak candidly and confidently to their needs; learn when to sell their expertise and how to use non-pressure techniques; and how to convince your customers to move past doubt to close sales.

Team Building

GDP isn't the only casualty during economic hard times and when we start to look at our companies on the micro level, we see that the morale of our team has also been hit hard. People worry about their families, they worry for their jobs, but it's the leader's job to foster an environment for self-motivation to improve company morale.

Connie will take your audience through the importance of team building to improve communication and leadership skills within your organisation. She will help them to understand company goals and the role they play in the success, which leads to a stronger working environment with improved collaboration, better performance, and increased retention of top talent.

Business Etiquette

So much of communication is non-verbal, whether it's body language, facial expressions, electronic communications, or even just an awareness of the reactions of others. Much of business etiquette really boils down to your acknowledgement and consideration to the people you are interacting with. And while there are many areas that can be construed as rules, and that remaining aware of the old adage "do unto others" is important to be mindful of, we benefit more by staying in the moment of those we are interacting with.

Connie highlights that the popular notion of etiquette can be solved through our consideration and respect for the people and situations we are engaging. Communications and business etiquette should always work to this end. When we engage with people as if they are the centre of the universe, just by our behaviour, we influence positive action and inspire confidence.


In business and life, our ability to effectively communicate is the most important skill needed to accomplish anything, and yet it is the single greatest challenge in business today. When it comes to our people, so much more is expected from them, we need to reach them on the road just as much as in the office; and yet, this need also decreases their attention spans, makes people more distracted and eager to get to the point.

Connie talks frankly about the need to connect instantly in order to capture attention and gives useable tips helping anyone be heard and understood to influence others to action. Your audience can walk away with the skills to achieve more in fewer words, cause less confusion communication and build more rewarding relationships. Connie will inspire your delegates to act knowing that the skills they learn will increase their ability to influence through communications.


Change is hard, and it’s not something people or companies revel in. And regardless of the impetus for change, whether it’s strategic, operational or technological, effective communication and management tends to be the primary bottleneck to any successful change management plan.

Connie shines light on the typical and specific roadblocks to managing change successfully, from effective communication techniques to a successful implementation to dealing successfully with resistant attitudes and behaviours to successful leadership techniques to manage or integrate teams, or strategies to align expectations.

Employee Engagement

Employees don't stay with companies like they used to. Recruiting and retaining top talent is now the most challenging issue in human resources. And while some forms of brain drain are unavoidable, there are ways to mitigate losses and maximize employee retention through sound methods to improve employee engagement.

Connie will focus her talk on work environments and behaviours that lead to dissatisfaction and teach the basic methods to identify the signs of impending disengagement. She will share ideas on communication and leadership initiatives that will increase engagement and loyalty among your teams.

Customer Relationships

Building and maintaining trust with customers should be the top on any organisation's list, yet more often than not, we find that companies will focus their efforts on new acquisitions rather than better cultivation of the relationships they have. And in today's social media economy, this is more likely to face detrimental sales and service issues. People have grown accustomed to information on their terms, and if we're to evolve communication and sales in today's customer relationships, we must evolve how we sell and service today's customer.

Connie focuses on a wide variety of customer service, engagement and relationship related issues affecting organisations today. Through her experience with communication and media, Connie will give actionable information to your delegates; from gaining trust through knowledge, to creating low-pressure sales environments, to aligning service and expectations.


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