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Darren Hardy

Former publisher and editor of Success magazine, motivational speaker and mentor to CEOs and high performance entrepreneurs

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Darren Hardy is a leading Success Mentor to CEOs and high-performance achievers, a popular business keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur and former Publisher and Editor of Success magazine.

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Darren Hardy is a product and embodiment of the personal achievement principles he reveals in his best-selling books, The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever. As an entrepreneur, Harden was earning a six-figure income by age 18, over one million dollars a year by age 24, and owned a company producing $50 million a year in revenue by age 27. He has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, advised many large corporations, and sits on the board of several companies and nonprofit organizations.

The founder and editor of Success magazine, Darren Hardy has been a leader in the personal development industry for almost 20 years, having led two personal-development-based television networks—The People’s Network (TPN) and The Success Training Network (TSTN)—producing and launching more than 1,000 TV shows, live events, products and programs with many of the world’s top experts.

Darren Hardy regularly appears on national radio and TV for CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, ABC and Fox, while his highly-valued, actionable and results oriented content and engaging style has made him a favored keynote speaker, from audiences of 50 to stadiums of over 20,000 people worldwide.

The National Speakers Association (NSA) presented Darren Hardy with its 2016 ‘Master of Influence Award’. This honor is awarded to speakers who have significantly influenced generations of speakers and whose distinguished careers have brought honor and recognition to the speaking profession globally.


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The Power of Daily Action - Darren Hardy
The Power of Daily Action - Darren Hardy
The SECRET to Achieving EXTRAORDINARY Results | Darren Hardy
The SECRET to Achieving EXTRAORDINARY Results | Darren Hardy
The Art of Delegation
The Art of Delegation
100 Years of Wisdom in 10 Minutes - Darren Hardy
100 Years of Wisdom in 10 Minutes - Darren Hardy
Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy Interview with Jay Kinder and Michael Reese
Success Magazine Publisher Darren Hardy Interview with Jay Kinder and Michael Reese

Every once in a while, a speaker will come along that changes the standard, that will energize the field, that will give them the inspiration they need to be better. Darren epitomizes that speaker.

Greg Provenzano
Jusuru International

There are few people in the world who are genuinely changing the direction of someone’s life in every action they take – Darren is one of them.

Asma Ishaq
Founder of EO

WOW! Powerful and personal. An amazing teacher and man.


Verne Harnish
CEO, Gazelles

Most compelling idea-rich, action-oriented speaker we’ve ever had.


Stephan Swanepole

Life changing! I’ve never witnessed anyone own the room like Darren did. Incredible!

Jay Kinder

Most Valuable and useful training I have ever seen.


Shawn Mclelland
Get Response

Amazing speaker! Everyone was positively overwhelmed. Awesome presentation!

Simon Grabowski
Yoli Inc.

Spectacular! Darren added significant value to our event.


Kale Carlile

Polished, authentic, humorous! The younger generation really relates to Darren.


Blake Mallen
Juniper Networks

#1 Rated speaker for the entire event.

Luanne Tierney

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