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A sought-after expert in emotional intelligence and behavioral science with nearly four decades of real-world experience, Dr. Hamilton is the creator of the Curiosity Code Index® and the author of four books sold worldwide.

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Leaders embrace the need to engage their employees, improve communication, and move the needle on innovation. What they often find challenging is how to do that. Dr. Diane Hamilton can provide the needed insight to help organizations reach their peak performance through understanding human behavior. She has inspired people throughout the world to assess their critical skills like curiosity, to get out of status-quo thinking. Diane’s research into the inhibitors of curiosity is recognized as one of the most innovative ideas in the world. Her insights can help employees and leaders discover their true talents. Her goal is to ensure that employees and leaders are aligned to their passions. She demonstrates that through recognizing the inhibitors to our growth, we can create a path that leads to engagement, innovation, and productivity.

Her insights into areas of human behavior include improving curiosity, perception, emotional intelligence, and other critical soft skills to equip you and your organization with the tools for success. She recognizes that organizations hire people for their talents and fire them for their behaviors. If organizations can ignite that spark that improves those behaviors, it is a win/win for everyone. In a world where the only constant is change, there has never been a better time to get out of doing things the “way they have always been done.” Diane can help you find innovative ways to reinvent your individual and organization’s success.

Award-winning speaker, consultant, author, and educator Dr. Diane Hamilton is the thought leader in management, leadership, sales, and marketing. Her playful personality captivates the audiences, which is backed by a solid background of scholarly research. Diane is regularly hired by companies such as Forbes, Verizon, Novartis, and others to improve innovation and develop curiosity at the workplace. She introduces real-life examples and offers ready-to-be-used strategies to help organizations make a difference in and out of the office.

Unlike the traditional educator, Dr. Diane Hamilton’s playful personality captivates the audiences with content backed by a solid background of scholarly research. In 2020, Thinkers50 Radar selected Diane as one of the most innovative thinkers in the world. She has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in leadership, including Steve Forbes, Martha Stewart, and Damon John.

As an experienced scholar, author, and educator of behavioral issues, including curiosity, perception, and emotional intelligence, Dr. Diane Hamilton instantaneously established her role as a renowned expert. Speaker Dr. Diane Hamilton is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio program, Take the Lead, interviewing the most successful entrepreneurs and inspiring people to take the lead both in their professional and personal lives.

Diane is the author of Cracking the Curiosity Code and the creator of the Curiosity Code Index (CCI) Assessment. The CCI is the first and only assessment that organizations can use to determine the factors that inhibit curiosity. Her work around curiosity is required reading in top HR and MBA university programs around the globe. Dr. Diane Hamilton’s research-based knowledge provides a robust framework for the presentations, improving innovation, productivity, and engagement within the company. She works together closely with top organizations to enhance employee relationships and reduce conflict.



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Dr Diane Hamilton Interviews Stefaan van Hooydonk
Dr Diane Hamilton Interviews Stefaan van Hooydonk
Dr Diane Hamilton Interviews Billionaire Naveen Jain Entrepreneur
Dr Diane Hamilton Interviews Billionaire Naveen Jain Entrepreneur
Inspiring Hope

I want to thank Diane for giving me the pleasure and honour of being interviewed by her. It was a great experience as she is an excellent interviewer who appears genuinely interested in you and what you have to say. We had a great conversation, it felt more like a conversation between friends rather than an interview. Dr Diane has such a warm and inviting nature, it was a pleasure to speak with her and also gain from her knowledge and wisdom so generously shared.'

Jacynth Ivey
Founder and CEO
Thinkers 50 Radar

'I really enjoyed my discussion with Diane. It is a rare thing to be interviewed by someone who has such an expansive knowledge base. It allowed us to take our conversation in so many unique and interesting directions. Diane is engaging, thoughtful and witty and her questions leave you and the audience with no doubt about her intellect and sincere desire to learn and share.'

Ravin Jesuthasan
Future of Work Futurist,

'I could say so much about Dr. Diane Hamilton. Dr. Hamilton is a highly skilled interviewer, savvy, warm, open, and she makes it so easy to be a guest on her show. Her knowledge is vast, her curiosity solid (as expected), and she truly values her guests. Consider her as a worthy host, speaker, or consultant.'

Dr. Miluna Fausch
Executive Communication & Presence Coach

'Thank you for the terrific interview. I was impressed at the way Diane took my suggested questions and linked our conversation to the next topic - definitely a 'think on your feet' skill.'

Shari Levitin
Speaker, Sales Guru, Bestselling Author

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