Erik Saelens

Charismatic and forward-thinking brand marketing expert, founder and director of the Brandhome Group.

Erik Saelens specialises in rebranding and renaming operations and has fifteen years experience in communications and brand marketing. He is a unique, entertaining and energetic storyteller who presents insights to his audience about the meaning behind branding today and how to make marketing relevant for tomorrow.

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Erik Saelens speaker | CHARGE Energy Branding Conference, 2017
Erik Saelens speaker | Get tomorrow, 2017
Erik Saelens speaker | AHIC, 2017

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About Erik Saelens

Erik Saelens is the founder and executive director of the Brandhome Group, which is an organisation that increases growth in companies beyond their current markets.

He is a charismastic and highly regarded speaker and has worked with governments, multinational companies and exclusive groups of CEOs and businesses.

Saelens has a Marketing Economics degree from the Antwerp University, Belgium and has also completed other brand marketing studies. During his career as an interim manager, he has a proven track record undertaking various roles for international brands and companies.

Erik specialises in rebranding and renaming operations and has researched more than 300 brand-change operations globally. He is also an expert on brand management, M&A and IPO strategies and draws on his strong operational management experience when implementing strategies.

As a speaker, Erik is a unique, entertaining and forward-thinking storyteller who presents insights to his audience about the meaning behind branding today and how to make marketing relevant for tomorrow.

Saelens speaks regularly at conferences and universities around the world, frequently contributes to specialist sector media and has also written 15 books on brand marketing.

He has Belgian nationality and is fluent in Dutch, German, French and English.

Speaking Topics

Unless otherwise stated, all topics are available as a 45 minute presentation as standard.

Branding & The Brandhome Method 

Branding in general. This keynote covers:
  • what branding is and what it is not
  • a fresh perspective on the history of branding
  • where and how to start building a brand
  • general trends in branding
  • the building blocks of a successful brand
  • brand management
  • tips and tricks in brand-building

Rebranding & Renaming

Shares key observations from Erik’s own experiences in successful rebranding. Includes a discussion of the theoretical framework and best practices.


Based on Erik's best-selling book The Story Wars and the theoretical story-telling framework he created. Covers everything related to story-telling from story-mining and story-lining through to story-selling, story-buying and story-living.

Employer & Internal Branding

Erik stresses the importance of identity-driven organisations and why a strong identity is the foundation of every successful brand. Strong brands express their individuality in everything they do. How do you build a positive, credible and consistent image in people’s minds?

Political Branding

Political branding in Belgium. The book Branded is based on the logbook that was kept from day one of the 2014 N-VA election campaign. Erik shares his professional and personal experiences during the campaign and describes how his team formulated the strategy, concept and plan that led to victory.

Triple-A Branding

How to build Triple-A brands. Based on the book Erik wrote, In Triple-A We Trust, and the index he created. Triple-A is about balancing three elements to create a strong brand: Authenticity, Accountability and Activation. In today’s modern world, these three elements are essential to gaining and keeping the trust of your audience. 

Challenges Of Marketing

Adaptable to a presentation on the ‘basics’ of marketing and the end of marketing as we know it.

Life Of A Marketeer

What it means to be in marketing. Based on the book Two Marketing Buddies Walk into Buddha, co-written by Erik and the CMO of Pepsi. It’s the first marketing book that reads like a novel; it’s funny while sharing content, challenges and insights in an engaging way.

Legal Aspects Of Branding

The legal aspects of branding, but from a marketer’s point of view. How (not) to collaborate with legal departments and lawyers. Why, when and how it is important.


"Out of over forty speakers at CHARGE, the premier marketing and branding event for the energy space, Erik was the one who was provoking and left the audience thinking and wanting more. He both provide innovative content and challenged the delegates. To me, that is a the right recipe for a good conference and a great speech." - Prof. Dr. Fridrik Rafn LARSEN, Chairman Charge Energy Branding 2017

"Erik may not have intended it, but his vision on branding is also about sociology and politics." - Claude Guéant, Former Chief of Staff to President Nicolas Sarkozy

"Erik shows that disruption and change are not just trendy words – they are processes we will have to apply every minute of every day." - Christophe Degrez, CEO Eneco

"Erik offers brilliant insights and challenging thoughts on how to cope with a revolution that has only started." - Axel Miller, CEO D’Ieteren

"Erik puts all megatrends in perspective and provides any organization with a toolkit on how to tackle the future." - Frank De Moor, CEO & Chairman Executive Board Q-Park

"Erik puts all megatrends in perspective and provides any organization with a toolkit on how to tackle the future." - Frank De Moor, CEO & Chairman Executive Board Q-Park

"Listening to Erik feels like sitting in the back seat of a 4WD with a new age marketeer driving me around on a rocking adventure road through the time machine of marketing." - Gunter Uytterhoeven, CMO Axa

"After listening to Erik on storytelling, you will never look the same way ever again at brands and the stories they (don’t) tell." - Peter De Keyzer, Chief Economist BNP Paribas

"I always thought branding was about luck. Erik reveals the science behind branding and helps me understand better how and why branding money is put to work." - Frank Verhagen, CFO DELTA

"The Brandhome method® provides marketers with the right ingredients and the right recipe to get branding right!" - Kurt Frenier, Senior Marketing Director PepsiCo

"With the correct authentic and activating time, Erik’s story sets people into action. Activating people to move in the right direction is what business is all about."  - H.E. Sulaiman Hamid Almazroui, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom

Books By Erik Saelens

  • The End of Marketing as we Know It
  • The marketing of meaning
  • The Brandhome method®
  • The Story Wars
  • Two Marketing Buddies Walk into Buddha
  • In Triple-A® We Trust and Branded

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