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The Egyptian pyramids may still be standing, but the pyramids in our society are collapsing. Traditional structures of organisation make way for new and innovative connections. Let Farid Tabarki, inspiring speaker, researcher and world traveller, help you reinvent your business principles.

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Full biography of Farid Tabarki

Farid Tabarki is a sought-after international keynote speaker and conference moderator. He makes connections that surprise his various audiences: he may explain how CEOs can learn from Rihanna’s song ‘Diamonds’ or a bank manager from philosopher Peter Sloterdijk. He captivates his audience by embedding a strong vision for the future in the current reality for his client.

Farid, who has a Tunisian father and a Dutch mother, possesses passports of the countries of both parents. He has sought for his true identity and found it in world citizenship. As a logical consequence, he is an avid traveller, keen on visiting all countries of the world. The counter now stands at 132 countries.

Farid presented various television programs: MTV Coolpolitics in 2011 and 2012, and the philosophical programme ‘Dare to Think, from Socrates to Sartre’ for Human in 2013. He regularly publishes articles in books and magazines, and has been a columnist for Dutch daily newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad since 2013.

In 2012, Farid was awarded the title of Trendwatcher of the Year 2012-2013. The jury report states: ‘Farid impresses, with his mix of clients and his broad international orientation. He stands for quality and transparency and despite the serious content, he manages to present that on a smooth and witty way. He certainly can be seen as a shining and passionate driver in professionalisation of the sector trend watching.’

In 2013, Dutch daily newspaper De Volkskrant included Farid in the top-200 of the most influential people in the Netherlands as the youngest on the list. He appeared on the same list one year later, one place higher.

Next to researching and presenting, Farid takes an active role in bringing about change. He’s deputy chairman of the Supervisory Board of Het Nieuwe Instituut for architecture, design and e-culture; member of the Board of Curators of De Baak, a training and knowledge institute affiliated with the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, and member of Platform Education2032, commissioned by the Dutch government to formulate the framework of a future curriculum for primary and secondary education.

His first book, ‘The End of the Middle – what a society of extremes means for people, companies and states’ appeared earlier this year. In the book, Farid gives a vivid account of megatrends he sees in business and society as a whole: radical transparency, radical decentralisation and the liquid society. One of the main drivers is technological development, enabling all three of these megatrends. His book addresses the consequences of these massive changes for business, civil society, education and the individual.

Keynotes by Farid Tabarki will always encompass an enthralling vision for the future, tailored to the audience he is addressing.

Farid Tabarki’s Current/Past Roles & Positions

  • Founding director of Studio Zeitgeist, which researches and shapes the zeitgeist
  • Author of ‘The End of the Middle’ (launched earlier this year)
  • Columnist at Dutch daily newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad
  • Listed among the 200 most influential Dutch people by De Volkskrant in 2013 and 2014
  • Often uses rich visuals with his presentations with many references to high and low culture
  • Main focuses: radical decentralisation, radical transparency, liquid society

Speaking Style

  • Perceptive, astute, witty, passionate, knowledgable, energetic


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Introducing Farid Tabarki (founder Studio Zeitgeist) -  public speaker & world traveller
Introducing Farid Tabarki (founder Studio Zeitgeist) - public speaker & world traveller
Book launch Farid Tabarki
Book launch Farid Tabarki
The liquid city | Farid Tabarki | TEDxMaastrichtSalon
The liquid city | Farid Tabarki | TEDxMaastrichtSalon
DVB Bank

“We were very happy that Farid was able to join our Symposium. With his topic ‘Megatrends – What a radically transparent and decentralised world looks like’ he gave us some insights, certainly thought provoking. We will never look at the Internet in the same way. With his wonderfully dynamic and engaging style, he was pretty much aware of the context, kept the attention of our audience and was extremely well received. He is an excellent presenter.”

Wolfgang F. Driese
The Netherlands

“Farid showed genuine interest in our company and its vision and moderated the debate in a very dynamic, inspiring and energetic way. Besides that, his short introduction presentation about global trends and challenges was spot on.”

Atzo Nicolaï
President DSM
PICNIC Festival

“It has been a great pleasure to have worked with Farid for PICNIC 2012. His drive to really understand the topic at hand resulted in passionate discussions, which led up to a great, custom made speech that differentiated itself through fast paced, and very contagious, high-level thinking, and an engaging delivery.”

Kitty Leering
Program Director
BNP Paribas Investment Partners

“Farid is an inspiring speaker and a very pleasant person to work with. His enthusiastic presentations intrigue his audience.”

Patricia Hardeveld Kleuver
Project Manager Marketing
Deloitte, The Netherlands

“During an event Farid ensures an innovative dynamism with his verbal waterfall on trends and developments.”

Peter Bommel
Chairman Executive Board
Co-founder of Friends of Europe and Organiser of the annual State of Europe

“Farid is an innovative and inspiring speaker and excellent in moderating intricate panel discussions on an interactive and clear way.”

Geert Cami
Dutch State Lottery

“As the national leading lottery organisation with an International ambition we invited Farid to give our 150 colleagues a glance in the future. This in order to get inspired and to start a big innovative ideation session build on the opportunities that lay ahead for our organisation and our colleagues. Farid was able to enlighten us with his sharp analysis of the social, technological and consumer trends he distinguishes. We got a real taste of what drivers of the current consumer are and so how the current Zeitgeist’ is. His highly energetic way of presenting and his sincere interest in our challenges make of Farid a pleasant and inspiring speaker”

Frans van Steenis

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