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Fredrik Haren is an author and keynote speaker on Business Creativity, Change and Global Business who has delivered 2,000 presentations in over 60 countries on 6 continents.

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  • Awarded “International Ambassadors Award” by the Global Speakers Federation
  • Elected President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore
  • Was the Convention Chair for the Asia Professional Speakers Convention

Fredrik Haren delivers lively and highly sought after presentations drawing on real life examples to illustrate his ideas. He is the author of 10 books, including “The Idea Book” which was included in “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time” as well as the author of “One World. One Company” – a book about what it means to be a Truly Global Company.

The Idea Book was a best seller across the globe and has been used as a training tool for creativity by hundreds of companies, including HP, Sandvik, Ericsson, Volvo, China Mobile and GE. It has been named as one of The best 100 Management Books of all time”. It is an unusual book as it is part creativity guide, part notebook. Other books include The Developing World and One World One Company which draws on hundreds of interviews with the CEOs of leading businesses and looks in detail at the challenges of going global as well as the dangers of deciding not to.

Fredrik Haren has founded his own company – interesting.org. In 2007 he was Speaker of the Year in Sweden and in 2009 he was named one of Swedens 100 most inspiring persons by the magazine Leva. In 2009 he was selected one of Swedens most sought after business speakers. He is based in Singapore.

Fredrik knows how to craft a speech so that, let’s say, an American, a Brazilian, a German and a Chinese all will be inspired and laugh and the same time feel that they walk away from the session with meaningful take-aways that were relevant to them.

Just last year Fredrik spoke at 23 different global (or international conferences), and he was – again, just last year – invited to speak in 23 different countries on 4 continents. Fredrik is a truly global speaker, with examples from all over the world – suitable for your global (or international) conference.

Fredrik Haren was one of the keynote speakers at GLS, the world’s largest leadership conference with 10,000+ live in the audience, and a total of 400,000 (!) people in 128 countries around the world watching via video link. He shared the stage with speakers like Marcus Buckingham, Angela Duckworth and Sheryl Sandberg.

Fredrik Haren’s Current/Past Roles & Positions

Fredrik Haren is a Swedish entrepreneur, speaker and author specializing in business creativity. He shows business leaders how to tap into new sources of idea generation within their organizations to unleash creativity and encourage innovation. He has a unique position of coming from the old world but being based in the new (Asia) and therefore able to provide a different perspective on global creativity.

  • Author of management books including the best selling The Idea Book – one of ‘The 100 Best Business Books of All Time’
  • Named as one of ‘Sweden’s most sought after business speakers’
  • Founder of interesting.org
  • Expert on the global company

Speaking Style

  • Amusing, educational, enthusiastic, informal, interactive, passionate and thought-provoking.


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What is Creativity? Fredrik Haren's funny and inspiring speech from the Global Leadership Summit.
What is Creativity? Fredrik Haren's funny and inspiring speech from the Global Leadership Summit.
One Year in the Life of Global Keynote Speaker Fredrik Haren
One Year in the Life of Global Keynote Speaker Fredrik Haren
BRAND Fest 2017_Day 2_ Speech By Mr. Fredrik Haren - Change in a Rapidly Developing World
BRAND Fest 2017_Day 2_ Speech By Mr. Fredrik Haren - Change in a Rapidly Developing World
Playativity: The value of play and creativity - Fredrik Härén
Playativity: The value of play and creativity - Fredrik Härén
Big Four Accounting firm

“Fredrik is an acclaimed speaker whose speeches genuinely resonate with audiences across the globe. He listened to our brief and adapted his content perfectly for our global tax event in Singapore, his presentation style visibly lifted the audience’s energy levels and he ended up receiving the highest speaker feedback score across the whole event from a delegation of 36 different nationalities. We would thoroughly recommend Fredrik for any global speaker engagements and look forward to working with him again this year.”

Manager Global Strategic Events
OMD (OMD Asia Management Conference)

“At our regional conference Fredrik demonstrated an unique ability to both challenge and inspire an extremely diverse global leadership group. He has set a hard act for anyone to follow.”

Paddy Crawshaw
Leading Change (The Queens Leadership program)

“The crowd, from 53 countries, were enthralled and entertained from start to finish! We are happy to say he will be returning this year as well!”

Frances Brown
Mentoring and Course Director
Forum One

“Fredrik Härén and Seth Godin were the highest rated speakers at FORUM ONE. Our audience just couldn’t get enough of Fredrik! An hour keynote presentation went like no time and I can’t wait to bring him back for our future conferences.”

Ruta Kruliauskaite
Executive Producer
Qmatic Group (Qmatic Global Customer Conference)

“Insightful, energetic, fun and interactive. Fredrik brought his best game to our event when he got people from more than 50 countries inspired about why innovation is crucial in the age of the customer.”

Sven-Olof Husmark
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Grant Thornton International Ltd (Grant Thornton Global Partners Conference)

“Our global conference brings all our CEOs together from around the world and Fredrik Haren’s talk could not have been more on point or more energising. He set us up perfectly for the two days that followed and we had one of our most, if not the most, successful conferences ever.”

Ed Nusbaum

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