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Friederike Fabritius

Neuroscientist, keynote speaker, and award-winning author

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Friederike Fabritius is a neuroscientist, keynote speaker and award-winning author. She applies insights from neuroscience to guide and inspire organizations, teams and individuals towards achieving higher or peak performance, more innovation, and greater well-being. As a leadership specialist, she has extensive experience in working with top executives at Fortune 500 companies.

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Friederike Fabritius’ Background

Friederike is the award-winning author of The Leading Brain: Neuroscience Hacks to Work Smarter, Better, Happier (Penguin/Random House, 2017). The book has been translated into multiple languages and has won many accolades as both fascinating and fun.

A neuropsychologist by education, Friederike focuses on giving keynote speeches to help leaders use solid scientific findings to increase their effectiveness. She is also an expert in brain-friendly learning. Friederike herself has used these methods to learn six languages that she now speaks fluently.

After starting at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research and then continuing as a management consultant with McKinsey, Friederike now applies her unique expertise in leadership as a keynote speaker. She has empowered countless clients to reach their full potential and deliver peak performance at make-or-break moments.

Friederike serves on the council of Acatech, The German Academy of Technology, which advises the German government regarding new technology, digitalization, and artificial intelligence. She’s also a member of the advisory board of NeuroColor, a company that uses neuroscience to understand personality.

Building on the success of The Leading Brain in the workplace, Friederike is currently at work on a new book on the neuroscience of diversity. She lives in Germany with her husband and their five kids.


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Friederike Fabritius - The Leading Brain: Neuroscience hacks to work smarter, better, happier
Friederike Fabritius - The Leading Brain: Neuroscience hacks to work smarter, better, happier
Friederike Fabritius: The neuroscience of great relationships
Friederike Fabritius: The neuroscience of great relationships
Fun, Fear, Focus: Peak Performance Recipe | Fabritius | Talks at Google
Fun, Fear, Focus: Peak Performance Recipe | Fabritius | Talks at Google
The Neurochemistry Of Peak Performance | Friederike Fabritius | TEDxKoenigsallee
The Neurochemistry Of Peak Performance | Friederike Fabritius | TEDxKoenigsallee
EY (Ernst & Young)

Friederike has the rare talent to convey a complex, scientific topic with childs-ease and engage and inspire her audience. It is always a pleasure to hear her present her theories and how these can be brought to life in the business world to drive our brains to top performance. It was an honour to have her give a keynote at our GSA Partner Meeting.'

Julie Linn Teigland
EMEIA Area Manager

'Mrs. Fabritius was invited as a keynote speaker to our annual management conference. She focused on creativity, our innovative capacity, and on the power of the organization. For the participants, it was a real eye-opener to examine these corporate subjects from the perspective of behavioral research, neuroscience and psychology. I was impressed by how Mrs. Fabritius was able to take her many years of experience in the field of behavioural research and psychology and apply them so well to a business context.'

Felix Schwabe
Innovation Management Production

'Friederike is a passionate leadership expert and a great storyteller! She delivered an impressive and engaging talk, which was both captivating and insightful! The talk has proven to be very useful in our ways of understanding team dynamics and increasing the productivity of project groups at trivago.'

Anitta Krishan
Organizational Development
UC Santa Barbara

'It was such a pleasure collaborating with Friederike on several workshops devoted to the neuroscience of leadership. She has a remarkable knack for identifying and communicating key findings and principles that can help leaders optimize their effectiveness.'

Jonathan Schooler
Neuroscientist and Professor
Delta Electronics

'Friederike has the power of a small tornado without blowing the audience over. It was precisely her combination of strength, humor and warmth that brought such a positive energy to the - digital - audience.  And the way she uses her iPad to illustrate her ideas was an additional bonus for this important meeting.  By sharing practical tools with us about how you can still be productive & interactive in a virtual working world, Friederike helped us to accomplish our mission for this kick-off meeting. If you are looking for a guest speaker to give your organization some fresh, science-backed and practical insights into how to deal with productivity and interaction during or after COVID-19, look no further, Friederike is your woman!'

Senior Director EMEA

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