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One of the UK's leading economists, an expert on the UK and global economy, international financial markets and monetary policy. An excellent public speaker who is able to convey complex economic and financial issues in simple easy to understand ways.

Gerard is co-author of the book "Clean Brexit", on how to ensure the UK makes a success of leaving the EU. A regular commentator on the TV, radio and in the press who has testified before committees of the US Senate and Congress and in both Houses of the UK Parliament.

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Gerard Lyons is one of the country's leading economists and is an expert on the global economy, financial markets and monetary policy. He is co-author of "Clean Brexit", released September 2017 (Biteback publishers), on how to ensure the UK makes a success of leaving the EU.

He is an excellent public speaker, who is able to convey complex economic and financial issues in simple, easy to understand ways and his analysis and forecasts are usually right.

Gerard is a regular commentator on the TV, radio and in the press. He has testified to committees of the US Senate and Congress and in both Houses of the UK Parliament, and has spoken in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, at Davos and across the globe. He has topped forecasting polls.

Having studied Maths and Economics at the University of Liverpool followed by a Masters in Economics at the University of Warwick, Lyons became a research fellow at the Henley Centre for Forecasting while he completed his PhD on "Testing Efficiency of Financial Futures Markets" at the University of London.

Gerard has spent 27 years in senior roles in The City at Chase, Swiss Bank, DKB International and Standard Chartered Bank. He was then Chief Economic Advisor to Boris Johnson during his second term as Mayor of London where Gerard, among other things, championed the living wage. Also, during this period, he published the book, "The Consolations of Economics: How We Will All Benefit from the New World Order" which outlines his belief that the world economy will grow stronger than ever before over the course of the next 20 years.

He now has a portfolio of roles in finance, universities and economics, including Chief Economic Strategist at a FinTech online discretionary wealth manager Netwealth Investments on the Advisory Board of the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and Board Member of Bank of China (UK), plus other roles, including overseeing a new project in 2018 for the CSJ Think Tank on, ‘The Future of Work’.

As a speaker Gerard has a formal and academic style. He has a great deal of expertise to share with his audiences, yet he maintains an energy and liveliness which ensures that his audiences are thoroughly stimulated by his presentations. He regularly speaks at financial events all over the world, including the World Economic Forum.

Because of his knowledge and understanding of global financial markets, Gerard is regularly sought out by the press and has made several television appearances to discuss major economic issues. Due in part to his expertise on the emerging economies and excellent track record of accurately predicting economic events, he has twice been named the world's number one forecaster by Bloomberg.

In August 2008 he was one of just two economists who predicted a major recession for the UK, and his predictions on the length and depth of the recession also proved to be incredibly accurate. The Sunday Times has regularly named him 'top forecaster' and his advice is highly respected by the press, government officials and other economists all over the world.

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  • Economics
  • London
  • Europe and the Euro
  • Globalisation
  • The emerging economies


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