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Gillian Tett

Chairman of the US Editorial Board and America Editor-at-Large, Financial Times Awarding-winning journalist

Gillian Tett: Biography highlights

Gillian Tett has an unparalleled track record at predicting important trends that impact the world. She called the credit crunch crisis three years ahead of anyone else. Her journalistic work, to chart and explain the ensuing global financial crisis is well documented and she has received awards for her work.

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Gillian Tett’s background

More recently, she foresaw the rise of populism, the electoral success of President Trump, and she now warns on the emerging risks posed by certain new types of Fintech — products and services that arise from new types of ‘financial innovation’ and the current lag of effective regulation and governance to manage these activities.

Gillian is about to publish a new book, Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life (June 2021). Gillian offers a look at how businesses can revolutionize their understanding of human behavior by studying consumers and organizations through an anthropological lens.

Gillian Tett is Chairman of the US Editorial Board and America Editor-at-Large at the Financial Times. In her previous role at FT, she was Managing Editor (US) and columnist and also oversaw global coverage of the financial markets. Her twice-weekly column earned her recognition as Columnist of the Year at the 2014 Press Awards. In 2004, Gillian began building a team at the Financial Times to cover capital markets, correctly anticipating the need to watch an industry growing uncommonly fast. By 2007, a year ahead of the curve, she began issuing her news breaking warnings of a looming financial crisis.

She is the author of The Silo Effect: The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers and the New York Times bestseller Fool’s Gold, the gripping tale of how a team of Wall Street bankers led by J.P. Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon created the world of ‘shadow banking,’ and then lost control of their creation. Fool’s Gold is a vital contribution to our understanding of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. She also wrote Saving the Sun, about Japan’s financial collapse in the 1990s. She was Japan bureau chief for the FT during their ‘lost decade’. Gillian’s next book will be about why every CEO (and investor) needs their ‘inner anthropologist’ to make informed decisions.

In recognition of her work, Gillian has won several awards, including the UK Speechwriters’ Guild Business Communicator of the Year 2012, the Journalist of the Year at the British Press Awards 2009, British Business Journalist of the Year in 2008, and the Wincott prize in 2007. Gillian also received The British Academy President’s Medal 2011, which rewards service to the cause of the humanities and social sciences, specifically for her insightful journalism contributing to public understanding. More recently, she was recognized as Columnist of the Year at the 2014 Press Awards.

Gillian has a PhD in Social Anthropology from Cambridge University, based on research conducted in the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s. She speaks French and Russian and has studied Japanese and Tajik.



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Gillian Tett: Why Smart People Make Dumb Decisions | WIRED
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Keynote by Gillian Tett, Managing Editor at Financial Times
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Gillian Tett on Trump and transparency | Opinion
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Gillian Tett, Financial Times: Can You Work without Silos?
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“Dear Gillian — Thank you once more for your excellent contribution in the [ . . . ] Leadership Forum last week. The spontaneous comments re your presentation were very positive.”
A Leading Trade Organization for the Futures, Options and OTC Cleared Swaps Markets

“Gillian, Thank you for coming to our conference in Boca and making it an absolute success. I cannot tell you how many attendees came up to me to applaud your good work. You provided a thoughtful assessment of the state of the industry and gave us some trends to be motivating, including cyber-security. I hope we can tempt you back in the future.”

A Federal Mortgage Company

“Tett really wowed them, she talked about the present and the future of the markets. It’s clear that she’s interviewed leaders in the financial world from Madoff, Geithner, Volcker and heads of state. She talked about the recent downgrading of the U.S. economy by Standard and Poors and it’s impact on the debt ceiling, the value of the dollar and treasury bills.

The President of the […] loved her and she delivered a talk that was tailored specifically for this group. She was a homerun.”

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