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Heather McGregor is the Managing Director and is the principal shareholder of Taylor Bennett, having bought the company from its founders in 2004.

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Heather McGregor’s background

In her early career she worked in financial PR and investor relations before doing an MBA at the London Business School and joining ABN Amro as a sellside analyst. She then spent eight years with the bank, working in London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo, before joining Taylor Bennett in 2000.

She has a PhD from the University of Hong Kong. Heather was the founder of the Taylor Bennett Foundation, which works to promote diversity in the communications industry by equipping talented graduates from ethnic minorities with the skills and confidence to pursue successful communications careers.

Heather is also the current chair of the charity Career Academies UK which works with 16-19 year olds to raise their aspirations through the provision of a structured programme including a six week paid internship, and was a founding member of the steering committee of the 30% Club, which is working to raise the representation of women at senior levels within the UK’s publicly quoted companies. In 2016 Heather was appointed Executive Dean at Edinburgh Business School.

She is also an experienced writer and columnist in the national media and popular business and entertaining speaker.



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Meet Professor Heather McGregor Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School
Meet Professor Heather McGregor Executive Dean, Edinburgh Business School
Citywealth Networking Event - Women in Wealth - Heather McGregor
Citywealth Networking Event - Women in Wealth - Heather McGregor
Heather McGregor
Heather McGregor
F24 - THE BUSINESS INTERVIEW -  Heather McGregor, aka Mrs Moneypenny
F24 - THE BUSINESS INTERVIEW - Heather McGregor, aka Mrs Moneypenny

'Mrs Moneypenny is a woman who is capable of making even the dry subject of hedge funds an entertaining subject to listen to.'


'Mrs Moneypenny is charismatic, clever, witty, erudite, fast-talking comic ...She spoke for well over an hour without a pause or an 'um', and had our full attention on what to do as 'ambitious women'.'

Denise Barnes
Ms City Pigeon

'Mrs Moneypenny said that your 'third dimension' helps 'build your human capital and social capital' - that is, in simple terms, your expertise and your network... so thanks to Mrs Moneypenny, I'm newly inspired to invest more time and energy in academic lacunas and my crackpot hobbies, and I may just even learn to fly a plane one day too.'

SWLC 2016

'Heather was a great success - you may well have heard this before. She gave a delightful informative and humorous lecture which was greatly appreciated by all our members. A lovely warm 'buzz' in the hotel as members made their way out. Heather very quickly assessed her audience and pitched her lecture accordingly. It was a joy to have her with us'

Bella Trotter
Hon. Lecture Secretary
Northern Lights PR

'I voted Mrs Moneypenny in my Top 5 communicators of 2013... what makes her stand out? Mrs Moneypenny really understands the need for stories and insights when speaking - she always has a great anecdote to bring to life the point she is making... And above all, Mrs Moneypenny has mastered the art of speaking without notes and just with amusing powerpoint pictures - no text. Brilliant!'

Victoria Tomlinson
Chief Executive

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