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Jamie Anderson

Academic and keynote speaker, currently studying the innovative business models being used by popular culture

Jamie Anderson Biography

Jamie Anderson is a leading management thinker and an entertaining speaker who is passionate about the lessons that business can learn from the creative industries. His book ‘The Fine Art of Success’ – which he co-authored – looks at the way artists and pop stars have innovated successfully in a difficult market by embracing the digital world. He is Professor at the Antwerp Management School.

Current / Past Roles & Positions

  • Named as a “management guru” by the Financial Times, and as one of the world’s top 25 management thinkers by the journal Business Strategy Review.
  • Co-authored a celebrated case study on Lady Gaga’s business strategy dubbed Gaganomics and a bestselling book The Fine Art of Success.
  • Has held permanent and visiting positions at some of the world’s top business schools.

Speaking Style

Enthusiastic, informal, interactive and story-telling

Jamie Anderson’s wit and humour have seen him described as a ‘stand-up strategist’ – he is a superb storyteller and his unique presentation style never fails to enlighten and entertain.

Jamie Anderson has created a buzz by looking at how popular artists like Lady Gaga have achieved phenomenal success through innovating and embracing the inclusive culture of the digital age. He applies management theory to popular culture to reveal the lessons for business. Innovation, reinvention and distinctiveness are all elements of so called – techno capitalism – that businesses can learn from.

His book The Fine Art of Success features artists such as Madonna, Pablo Picasso, Damien Hirst and his Lady Gaga case study – ‘Lady Gaga: Born This Way’ was featured in the business press around the world.

His work has been recognized by the European Federation for Management Development – the 3rd time in five years that he has been commended by the EFMD judges.

Born in Australia, he now lives in Belgium and is Adjunct Professor at the Antwerp Management School. He has also held positions at the London Business School, IMD, ESMT Berlin and the University of Melbourne. He is also co-founder of the thought leadership network Connected Visions.

He has delivered more than 300 keynote presentations and lectures around the world and his articles have appeared in publications such as California Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, the Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. He has appeared as a business commentator on BBC World, CNBC and CNN. His clients include Airtel, Alcatel-Lucent, BT, Bharti Airtel, Deutsche Telekom, Ericsson, Hutchison Essar (now Vodafone India), Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Telenor, Telekom Italia, Vodafone UK, and Zain.

The Fine Art of Success was Book of the Month in Business Executive Magazine.

Jamie Anderson Videos

Jamie Anderson, speaker


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Jamie Anderson‘s Topics

Thriving in a Digital World

There has been a lot of hype about the business impact of consumers’ adoption of networked technologies – especially peer-to-peer platforms, social media sites, tablet computers and smart-phones. But has the on-going evolution of technology, and the way that consumers interact with it, truly changed the world of business? In this session Professor Jamie Anderson will discuss the reality and myths of doing business in a digital world. He will show how networked technologies have brought about profound changes in the way that businesses can function, and explain why organisations need a deep understanding of the opportunities of new technologies to connect with customers and partners. The session presents his 4Es Framework of Excitement, Emotions, Exclusivity and E-Commerce.

Inspirational Leadership

What do Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs and Mahatma Gandhi have in common? In this talk, Professor Jamie Anderson suggests that there can be no leaders without followers in any societal domain, and discusses the behaviours that inspire loyalty, commitment and unity of purpose amongst employees, customers and fans. Central to his presentation is a provocative comparison of the remarkably similar followership approaches pursued by Mahatma Gandhi, the pre-eminent political and ideological leader of India, Steve Jobs of Apple, and the contemporary pop-singer icon Lady Gaga.

Managing Complexity

In this session, Jamie focuses on the dynamic of the creative process as a starting point for managing and innovating in a complex world. He explores the interaction between personal and organizational creativity and explains that for organizations to innovate and deal with complexity they need to foster the right environment in which both individual and collective creativity can thrive. The session is highly interactive, and participants have an opportunity to reflect upon their own creative potential, as well as to receive practical guidelines on how to increase the level of creativity amongst their colleagues and business partners.

Lifework: Beyond Word-Life Balance

Many of us have studied the concepts of strategy, and frequently apply the concepts of strategy development and execution in our professional lives. But how often do we reflect upon the need to develop and implement a personal strategy that will see us achieve not only organizational and career success, but also happiness? And why should employee happiness matter to organizations? In this talk, Jamie Anderson discusses the need for all of us to craft our own personal strategy, and to confront narrow definitions of success, linear thinking about career progression, and the personal, societal and cultural barriers that can prevent us from achieving a fulfilling life. He also explains why employee happiness and balance is good for organizations and the barriers that must be overcome for established firms to engage with new ways of working

Achieving Organisational Transformation

In this dynamic and energy-filled session, Professor Anderson explains the critical importance of continuous adaptation and change for organisational success. He delves into the elements of successful strategy that can ensure a business continues to evolve in alignment with changing industry and customer dynamics. The session focuses on leadership and organisational culture as two critical enablers for organisational transformation.

Books by Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson book

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