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International record breaking pop star Jay Sean’s story is simply unmissable. His career over the last 18 years has seen him sell millions of records, top the charts around the world, stream over a billion plays and tour across every continent with the biggest names in music. This is truly a story of persistence and defying the odds. Jay’s unique gift is story telling – which is why he is being tipped to be one of the most inspirational and special talents in the public speaking world.

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Singer/songwriter Jay Sean emerged in the American Pop music scene a decade ago with his Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “Down,” after having already spent five years prior making waves overseas. The Pop music titan changed the game Stateside for both Southeast Asian and UK acts alike, hitting milestone strides as a solo artist. With years of touring the world and remaining a fixture in international music under his belt, Jay Sean has returned with his new single “With You” featuring Gucci Mane and Asian Doll. It’s the reintroduction of an icon who really needs no introduction.

Born in London, England, Jay Sean was a hip-hop kid with a knack for diverse singing and songwriting. At 22, he began his journey in music with the 2003 track “Dance With You” as part of the Rishi Rich Project. A year later he flew solo with his critically acclaimed debut album Me Against Myself. “Before I came over to America, in England I was two albums deep and those albums were Pop/R&B albums,” he remembers.

By 2008, he was delivering international hits like “Ride It” and “Maybe” before inking a serendipitous deal with Cash Money Records that brought him full-fledged into the American mainstream. “Down” was the catalyst, a dance-infused Pop cut featuring Young Money figurehead Lil Wayne, with accents of soul that proved Jay Sean had layers to his versatility, punctuated with the crossover success of his third studio album All or Nothing. But in 2009, American Pop music was knee-deep in the EDM craze, so Jay delivered what the people wanted. “Once you’re kind of seen in that world as a success, it’s very hard to step out of it,” he says.

He took his interests overseas after his 2013 final Cash Money release Neon, securing an international deal and working with top-tier artists like Sean Paul and Maluma on the Reggaetón tinged “Make My Love Go” plus “Thinking About You” with Hardwell among many others. “I know my fans, I know what they like from me I know what they want, I’m not afraid to jump out of my comfort zone,” he adds. Track by track, Jay Sean remained consistent yet simultaneously delving into all angles of his musical persona while touching down in places like Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and even Stateside in Las Vegas. “I have not stopped touring the planet since I started recording,” he explains.

However, the American market felt as if it had been eons since they heard new Jay Sean material. “Because I have an international fan base, I have been able to put out songs overseas in basically every country excluding America, which is why there is this misconception in America that I haven’t released any music,” he emphasizes. “The rest of the world has been getting these singles.” Jay Sean has finally locked a deal with Republic Records and is geared to return to the American forefront with brand new music and a sound that feels like home to him.

“The climate in mainstream music has shifted into the hip-hop/R&B world, which is where I feel very comfortable,” Jay Sean explains, as his first true love was hip-hop. On his new single “With You,” he phoned a friend for a cameo—rap legend Gucci Mane—along with burgeoning rap upstart Asian Doll. The track is a breezy cut about being intoxicated by a love that you just can’t let go of. “It’s a cheeky song about me having this girl who’s not a new thing—we’ve been messing around for a long time, and it’s kind of tongue in cheek way of saying I don’t know what it is but I keep fucking with you. I can’t let her go,” he says of the new single. “It’s kind of a grown and sexy record.”

The single will ultimately set the stage for a new wave of music to come from Jay Sean, who recorded his new material while touring the world. He’s back like he never left with a sound that’s a return to form. Jay Sean has a proven track record of mastering any genre he touches, though the time is now to show the world what the next iteration of his style looks like. “You ask me what my sound is?” he asks. “Global. That’s my sound.”

Jay’s talks focus on overcoming adversity, adapting to a changing climate and ultimately backing yourself – all delivered in the most humble, unique and memorable way. Jay’s new podcast is set to be a smash and his guests include the likes of Deepak Chopra as well as the best of the best in international talent. With so many unique insights and such incredible stories – Jay is set to be one of the most sought after speakers in the industry. He is so much more than a pop star and is a true master in understanding how to read and delight audiences to the highest level.

A timeless artist, Jay Sean is ready for this exciting new phase in his career. “I want to go wherever I want to go,” he says. “I’ll let the music speak for itself.”

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Jay Sean's Basement Banter | EP #12 - Jay Shetty on overcoming hardship & the key to true happiness

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