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Renowned German psychologist, keynote speaker, best-selling author and thought leader

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Jens Corssen is the acclaimed creator of "The Self-Developer©", a philosophy and practice for excellent self-leadership that has had a hugely beneficial impact on many DACH businesses. Celebrating his 50th anniversary as a professional psychologist in 2021, Jens’ charisma on stage is as effervescent as ever. His mission is to continue inspiring individuals and teams to fulfil their potential and live more fruitful lives.

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Jens Corssen’s background

Born in Berlin, Jens moved to Munich in 1962. After graduating with a degree in psychology from the Ludwig Maximilian University, he and a colleague opened what in 1971 was one of the first behavioural therapy practices in Germany. Drawing primarily on the theories and experiments of natural scientists Skinner and Pavlow on the learning of behaviour, their range of therapies was a refreshing alternative to the then dominant classical depth psychology.

Over the course of two decades of treating clients on an individual basis, Jens worked out the common problems faced by people: feelings of “powerlessness” over situations and people beyond their control, unresolved resentment about past setbacks/suffering, a deficit-oriented way of thinking, a victim mentality and a tendency to complain about what is instead of taking proactive action. He therefore decided to take his concept “ The Self-Developer©” to the big stage. He has since gone on to become one of the most respected inspirational speakers and business coaches in the German-speaking market, giving talks at hundreds of leading companies and being the go-to coach of many C-suite executives and public figures.

In addition to the proof of concept provided by successfully coaching, consulting and inspiring thousands of individuals for 50 years, recent academic findings from the world of neuroscience are yielding increasingly striking evidence for the efficacy of behavioural therapy methods. New neural connections, which are fundamental to bring about behavioural change, are only formed in the brain when insights and knowledge are turned into emotionalising experiences.

In contrast to those who battle through life, committed and practising Self-Developers manage to switch to being in favour of life’s ups and downs, thereby uncovering more of their potential and finding meaning in all situations. This enables them to attain a new level of consciousness and achieve many of the personal and professional goals or desires that had previously proved frustratingly elusive. Ultimately, it is the personality that makes the difference. With this in mind, Self-Developers start the process of change by changing themselves first – and they do not stop there.

To keep the Self-Developer concept fit for the future, Jens recently went into partnership with his long-term colleague, Andrew Bannon, who is largely responsible for the English-speaking market and also a speaker at Speakers Associates.



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Jens Corssen - Lern WM 2018
Jens Corssen - Lern WM 2018
Jens Corssen – Der Selbst-Entwickler
Jens Corssen – Der Selbst-Entwickler
HMI Executive Board

"Dear Mr Corssen, I would like to thank you very much on behalf of my entire management team. 400 people were and are completely thrilled! The content of your presentation was sensational. Your presentation style was world class. As expected, your explanations had amazing depth. There was never a dull moment in 3 ½ hours."

Jochen Berger
General Representative
Käfer GmbH

“Jens Corssen's impulses have been accompanying our management and staff for several years now. In his talks, he very skilfully manages to combine the vigour of a trainer with a high entertainment factor. The credo "I now concentrate on what I do and I do it with all my heart" has left a lasting mark on our corporate culture. The positive effect produced by the true-to-life stories and valuable insights not only benefits our company:

In addition to the numerous enthusiastic responses, we often receive moving feedback from our employees, who also benefit from it in their private lives.”

Clarissa Kafer

“Jens Corssen has a great talent for showing his listeners new perspectives. In a clear, understandable language, he makes psychological insights applicable to everyday life. I am always surprised how intense and lasting his input is with my employees - regardless of whether they have met Jens Corssen in the context of a group discussion or in the context of a large event with thousands of participants. In my opinion, he is the only speaker who can give his client a guarantee that at least 98% of the participants will be inspired by what he has to say - and inspired through and through.”

Claudio Lardi
Regierungsrat (cantonal councillor)
Linde AG

"Jens Corssen's idea of the Self-Developer© promotes successful self-management and thus makes a significant contribution to the learning organisation.”

Dr Wolfgang Reitzle
Chairman of the Executive Board

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