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Best-selling author, renowned expert on Artificial Intelligence, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and speaker

Jerry Kaplan Biography

Jerry Kaplan is a best-selling author, a renowned Artificial Intelligence expert, serial entrepreneur, technical innovator and speaker. He also co-founded four Silicon Valley startups and lectures at Stanford University. Jerry has also been featured in high profile publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Red Herring and Upside.

Jerry Kaplan is a best-selling author of a number of books, including his latest publication “Artificial Intelligence: What Everyone Needs to Know” which was an Amazon number one new release bestseller.

He is a widely renowned expert on Artificial Intelligence, an educator and futurist, a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, technical innovator and international speaker.

Dr Kaplan has co-founded four Silicon Valley startups, two of which went on to be publicly traded companies. He also lectures at Stanford University.

Jerry has been featured in high profile publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, Red Herring and Upside.

As a speaker, he is a captivating and dynamic visionary who engages corporate and conference audiences around the world.

Jerry is one of the leading thinkers on Artificial Intelligence of our time and is quoted as saying that “The coming wave of Artificial Intelligence will rival the invention of the wheel.”

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Testimonials for Jerry Kaplan

“Jerry was great. He was fantastic to work with and spent a lot of time learning about our industry. He had a ton of questions in the exhibit hall. We liked him VERY much.”

Mike Fratantoni

Chief Economist, Mortgage Bankers Association

“Jerry gave an amazing talk. It was completely captivating.”

Guruduth Banavar

VP, Cognitive Computing, T.J. Watson Research Center, IBM

“Dr. Kaplan packed our Shanghai headquarter’s auditorium for this special Saturday event. His speech captivated our audience with its mix of humor, content, and vision.”

Kng Hwee Tin

Executive Director and CEO, OCBC Bank

” Dr. Kaplan’s keynote speech was the highlight of the conference. It set the perfect tone of innovation, ideas, and business for the entire event.”

Anna Zhang

Co-founder and Senior Vice President, Cheers Publishing

Jerry Kaplan‘s Topics

How will Artificial Intelligence Disrupt (your industry)?

A lively and visual explanation of the basic concepts and key technologies that comprise the field of Artificial Intelligence, followed by its likely future impact, customized to the interests of your specific audience. Takeaways include:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • How to separate hype from reality.
  • How to integrate A.I. into your business.
  • How will your organization be affected?
  • What new business opportunities will arise?
  • Which will come under threat?
  • Which jobs will thrive and which will wither?
The Promise and Perils of Artificial Intelligence

Some experts suggest that Artificial Intelligence poses a threat to humanity, while others extoll it as our saving grace. Who is correct, and why? This inspirational and stimulating speech separates fact from fiction while informing and entertaining your audience. This presentation covers such topics as:

  • How realistic is what you see in the movies?
  • What does A.I. mean for the future of work, wealth, and play?
  • Will robots rise up against us and what should we do about it?
  • Will it ever become possible to upload our minds into a computer?
  • How can our children best prepare for their futures?
The Global Economic and Social Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Over the next few decades, Artificial Intelligence is widely expected to be a key driver of global power and influence. This practical and informative briefing explains how to best leverage this emerging technology for economic development, trade, security, and innovation. Your audience will learn:

  • Which industries and strategies will increase their global competitiveness?
  • How will local labour markets be affected?
  • What will the impact of A.I. be on wealth inequality, social stability, government control, and individual freedom?
  • What are the likely military uses of A.I.?
  • How to thrive in the coming age of extreme automation.

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