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Jim Carroll speaker

Jim Carroll

Global Futurist, Business Trends, Leadership & Innovation Expert

A leading global futurist and an expert in trends, creativity and innovation.


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Jim Carroll's videos

What Jim Carroll's clients say

Here is some of the feedback from audiences and clients who have worked with Jim.

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Jim Carroll's 2024 biography

About Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is one of the world’s leading futurist, trends and innovation experts. Over the last 30 years, Carroll has shared his insight with more than 2 million people in attendance at his events. He is recognized within the global speaking industry for his highly customized, heavily researched, industry specific keynotes, leadership presentations and small, intimate senior leadership meetings.

Jim’s global client list is extensive and covers virtually every industry sector, including the World Bank, Volvo, NASA, the PGA of America, the Walt Disney Organization, the World Government Summit in Dubai, the Swiss Innovation Forum, the Wall Street Journal, National Australia Bank, WorldSkills, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, DuPont, The GAP, the US Air Force Research Laboratory, Godiva, SAP, Pfizer, Mercedes Benz, and hundreds more.

With a front row seat to the high velocity change that is occurring as disruption comes to take hold of every industry and every organization, he helps to transform growth-oriented organizations into highvelocity innovation heroes! Countless global organizations have engaged Jim for his unique insight and proven track record in providing a customized leadership program that will let you see disruptive trends, focus on opportunity, align to disruption, unlock creativity, achieve agility and enhance your speed, collaborate more and deliver on growth opportunities!

Jim provides high energy keynotes for audiences of 50 to 5,000, as well as intimate, customized strategic planning sessions for CEO/CxO, board, and senior management meetings. He has researched key innovation success factors for dozens of organizations and industries including life sciences, health care, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, agriculture, technology, education, government, consumer products, retail, banking and countless others.

Jim is known for his ability to take on unique, highly customized topics for senior leadership teams that align to a particular strategic goal or topic area, including the future of the space industry for NASA – twice; the future of pharma and healthcare for Pfizer in Paris – 6 months before Covid, accelerating innovation in the golf industry for the PGA of America, the future of manufacturing in 3rd world countries for the World Bank, and innovation and creativity in a world of upside down trends for the Walt Disney Corporation. He has developed a well-honed reputation within the global speaking industry for being the go-to-guy for virtually any type of specialized, unique trends or innovation topic.

Jim’s insight has been covered in countless global publications, including the UK Telegraph, Dubai’s Capital Magazine, South Africa’s The Star, the BBC, Reuters and AP News, among others. BusinessWeek named Jim Carroll as one of four leading sources for insight on innovation and creativity, and he was also a featured expert on the prime-time CNBC series, The Business of Innovation.

In addition, he is an author, with numerous books including: Now What: Reinvention and the Role of Optimism in Finding Your New Future; Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast; Surviving the Information Age; The Future Belongs to Those Who Are Fast; Ready, Set, Done; and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation.

Jim Carroll's 2024 talks & topics

The Collapse of Attention Spans

Attention spans haven’t just collapsed – they’ve disappeared. This is the result of our social media world of TikTok, Twitter, and short-form content. People skim, browse, click, and move on. We’ve got to grab them fast. It means we have to change our approach to our marketing materials.

In his case, Jim Carroll is working hard at this. He uses a variety of very sophisticated tools to monitor and watch how people are using his website – including the number of pages they hit and how long they spend there. And considering he has had a speaking website for almost 30 years, one thing is clear – attention spans are just so different than they were.

  • people spend far less time on a site – you’ve got maybe 30 seconds, or tops, 1 or 2 minutes, to grab their attention
  • short, punchy-to-point text matters – people are looking for highlights, bullets, key points
  • graphics matter; pictures speak volumes.

Beyond "How to Use AI" into "The Impact of AI"

People want to know not just how to use AI – but the impact of AI.

In this talk, Jim Carroll took on this topic in the context of the accelerating knowledge and skills brought about by AI – something every group needs to be aware of.

Big Trends in Agriculture: Transforming the World's Oldest Profession

Whether it’s driverless tractors, weed-zapping robots, or data-transmitting crops, the future of farming is happening faster than you might think! We’re rapidly transitioning into a world of 24-hour farming, no longer restricted to farming only when the sun is up!

Many people continue to view farming from the sepia-toned photos of the 1940s and 1950s. They don’t realize the technological and scientific advances or the massive opportunities for international growth. Growers that focus on innovation as a core value will find success; their innovation will focus on the triple-feature need for growth, efficiency, and ingestion of new science. It will be by adopting new methodologies, technologies, products, partnerships, and ideas that they will learn to thrive.

Jim has extensive experience with all aspects of the agricultural sector. A good example? He was the opening keynote speaker at a conference of the top 100 cattle ranchers, feedlots, and stockers in the US — and thrilled the audience with his insight into global trends impacting the agriculture sector. Based on that event, he was then invited in to inspire 500 cattle ranchers — a very discerning audience — with the feedback that “you certainly challenged us as to the pace of change the future is bringing to our industry, at the same time that you inspired us to embrace its opportunities. You were outstanding! Ranchers are pretty conservative – particularly here in Texas – but you were the best speaker we’ve ever had at our event!”

Jim is recognized worldwide as a “thought leader” and authority on global trends, rapid business model change, business transformation in a period of economic uncertainty, and the necessity for fast-paced innovation. Let Jim lead you through these exciting new trends at your next conference!

Accelerating the Auto & Trucking Industry: The Race to Electric and The Disruption of Technology!

It’s a FAST moving industry, with SEISMIC changes underway.

Basically, vehicles have been built and sold the same way for the last 100 years — they run on carbon, are driven by people, don’t connect with other vehicles, and operate independently. The business model has involved “car dealerships” and “car salesmen”, and manufacturing models that involve putting vast quantities of product into inventory in traditional showrooms.

Now, for the first time in over 100 years, massive change is underway. More vehicles will be based on alternative energy sources rather than carbon – they are becoming big batteries on wheels. A growing number might drive themselves or use advanced forms of technology-based driver assistance, at the same time that they interconnect with other vehicles. They might one day operate on very sophisticated, intelligent highway infrastructure that will have a profound impact on energy efficiency, traffic patterns, and urban and highway design. It’s a future in which a large number of the next generation of transportation users might not even actually purchase a car or truck, but simply use some type of vehicle or community-sharing service. If they do actually purchase a car, they will likely do it online – in a matter of seconds. All this is occurring as the speed of innovation in the transportation sector is shifting from the traditional pace of automotive/trucking to that of the hyper-innovation of Silicon Valley.

These trends promise a massive shakeup not only to the automotive and trucking industries but to parallel industries such as manufacturing, finance, insurance, urban and municipal services, government roles, and economic development.

In this keynote presentation, Jim provides concise insight into the key trends reshaping this massive global industry, and the disruptive impact that these trends present. He will outline clear strategic, leadership, innovation, and creativity strategies that provide a pathway forward to the new world of transportation technology – one that is more like a hi-tech computer industry than the one that currently exists.

Constructing New Futures: The Acceleration of the Residential and Industrial Construction Industries!

3D printing in concrete, the arrival of new construction materials, and bold new architectural and design concepts. The arrival of artificial intelligence, digital twin, and other new technologies for imagining the design, construction, and assembly of buildings and facilities. The emerge of virtual building fabrication, assembly line fabrication with rapid assembly on site, and other new methodologies. The arrival of a new generation of engineers weaned on SimCity and planted firmly in the virtual world, provided for the dramatic acceleration and adoption of new construction ideas. And let’s not forget intelligent building infrastructure and the acceleration of the digitization of the home and industrial facility!

Wherever you turn, the construction industry is now one defined by speed, new methodologies, new materials, new ideas, and bold thinking – and as Jim Carroll has shared with his many global clients in the sector – ‘the future belongs to those who are fast.’

In this keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll provides attendees with an up-to-the-moment overview of the key trends redefining the construction sector, disrupting ideas, and allowing for faster innovation, based upon the extensive, customized research for which he is globally known.

With his focus on turning any threat into an opportunity, he will outline a clear path forward for bold, transformative thinking, and innovation strategies that are based on careful research of dozens of successful construction industry companies who have innovated successfully in this new, fast-paced world.

The Future of Education: Rethinking Opportunity in the Era of Knowledge Velocity

Sixty-five percent of the children who are in preschool today will work in a job or career that doesn’t yet exist. Half of what students learn in their first year at college is obsolete or revised — by the time they graduate. Fifty percent of the US gross domestic product will be taken up by training and knowledge activities within the decade. With all of these changes at hand, futurist, trends and innovation expert Jim Carroll helps some of the world’s leading educational organizations and institutions make sense of this rapidly evolving future.

Jim challenges audiences to think about innovation in the education sector in a way that takes on bold goals to deal with a reality that has rapid knowledge obsolescence and emergence, the disappearance of existing careers and the emergence of new careers, an ongoing need for continuous knowledge replenishment and the migration of knowledge generation further away from academia. There’s a massively increased challenge from overseas knowledge generation, the fast emergence of new micro-careers, an economy that succeeds through knowledge deployment, and a fundamental transformation in the role of educational institutions. In other words: much of the education structure that we have in place today doesn’t match the reality of what we really need to do, given the rapid change occurring in the fundamentals of knowledge—which is why innovative thinking in the field of education today is more important than ever before.

In this keynote presentation, Jim provides concise insight that links a wide variety of global, social, demographic, scientific, technological, business, and other trends to the impact on education. He provides an understanding of the velocity of change impacting the industry, and why we need to rethink the context of “how we teach” in light of the realities that have knowledge growing exponentially, the foundation of knowledge generation forever changed, and global social networks challenging traditional education delivery models. The reality is that the exponential growth of knowledge leads to massive career specialization—we are in the midst of a fundamental structural organizational and career change, and right now, it’s all about “just-in-time knowledge.”

Transforming Energy: Why Accelerating Science and Technology is Disrupting the Future of Energy, Faster Than You Think!

The future belongs to those who are fast! That’s the mantra of futurist Jim Carroll — and nowhere has this become a reality faster than in the world of energy and utilities.

There is no doubt that the next phase of the world of energy involves the convergence of a variety of trends, each of which is significant on its own, but combined, provides an opportunity for massive disruption — and opportunity!

The era of massive hyper-connectivity at an industrial, commercial, and residential level as a result of the acceleration of the Internet of things. The rapid advancement of energy science, particularly with battery storage, alternative energy sources, and other leading-edge technologies. Business model disruption through the fast arrival of technologies that support personal and local energy microgrids through backyard wind, solar, biomass, and other forms of energy generation. New demand and infrastructure requirements arise from such significant trends as smart cities, electric vehicles, and intelligent highway infrastructure. And then there are simple light poles — which are now becoming ‘fitbits for cities’ with embedded environmental sensors, car-charging technologies, Wi-Fi hotspot capability, and traffic management technologies!

But wait — there’s more! At M.I.T. they are even in the midst of research as to how to grow solar cells from plants!

That’s why no less than the Edison Energy Institute has stated that going forward, “The threats posed to the electric utility industry from disruptive forces, particularly distributed resources, have serious long-term implications for the traditional electric utility business model and investor opportunities.”

Leading energy organizations worldwide have been booking global futurist Jim Carroll for his insight on the accelerating trends which are redefining the global energy and utility sector at a blistering pace today. We will see more change in the energy industry in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 100 – are you ready? His keynote will provide clear, up-to-the-moment insight based on the most recent developments and trends; a key overview of the challenges and opportunities these trends present; and a strategic pathway forward based on his key mantra that right now, in the midst of disruptive transformation, that it is an important time to ‘think big, start small and scale fast!

The Future of Healthcare – The Transformative Trends That Will Really Define Our Future

Everyone in a leadership position in the health care system knows that the challenges are substantial and immense: a rapid increase in lifestyle disease; skills shortages; the acceleration of science and medical device technology; combined with cutbacks in funding and resources. That’s why innovation has quickly come to be one of the top issues that senior healthcare executives and medical professionals are focused on. There is a realization that there is an urgent need to challenge the very philosophies on which the system is built. That’s why the insight of global futurist Jim Carroll is so timely. In this cutting-edge keynote, he will provide you with insight into the major scientific, technological, consumer, and social trends that will, in the future, allow for some very dramatic changes in the concept of healthcare delivery.

By some point in time, we will have successfully transitioned the system from one that “fixes people after they’re sick” to one of preventative, diagnostic genomic-based medicine. Treating patients for the conditions we know they are likely to develop, and re-architecting the system around that reality. A system that will provide for virtual care through bio-connectivity, and extension of the hospital into a community-care-oriented structure. A consumer-driven, retail-oriented healthcare environment for non-critical care treatment that provides significant opportunities for cost reduction. Real-time analytics and location-intelligence capabilities provide for community-wide monitoring of emerging healthcare challenges. “Just-in-time” knowledge concepts will help to deal with a profession in which the volume of knowledge doubles every six years. That and much, much more.

The fact is, we are going to witness more change in the scientific and technological world of health care in the next ten years than we have seen in the last twenty-five. In his keynote Jim puts into perspective why innovation is no longer just a fashionable phrase — it’s the critical new leadership focus for executives in the healthcare sector. He will provide attendees with concise insight into the trends that matter, the disruptive and transformation concepts that can drive new opportunities for innovation, and the bold strategies that can be pursued.

Insurance in the Era of Disruption: The Challenge of Change with Fintech, Accelerated Risk and Hyper-Connectivity

The world of insurance is being transformed at a pace that defines new opportunities, presents new challenges, and turns the established order upside down. It also challenges every assumption the industry has known.

You need a real expert – with real insight – into the trends that are underway. That’s where Futurist Jim Carroll comes in. He has been headling insurance industry events for 30+ years, including keynotes for Manulife, SunLife, New York Life, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, RBC Insurance, Cigna, Hartford Life, Farmers, MetLife, Lincoln Financial, Towers Perrin, RGA Reinsurance, Magellan Health, Gore Mutual, Economical Insurance, Chubb, the American Fidelity Group, Providence Health Plans, Aegeon, Blue Cross/Blue Shield US (multiple events) and CGU Insurance – and even a private event, invite-only event where he had the CIOs/CFOs/CTOs for Allianz, XL Insurance, Travellers, Zurich, Allstate, AXA, MetLife Auto & Home, Farmers, CNA, ICICI Lombard, Nationwide, American Family, Chubb, Ping An, Lloyds of London, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, General, USAA, Geico, ACE, State Farm, Progressive, RSA in the room!

The industry is being rapidly disrupted by tech companies. Existing brokerage and distribution networks will be obliterated as more people buy insurance direct. Predictive analytics will shift the industry away from actuarial-based historical assessment to real-time coverage. Policy niches, micro-insurance, and just-in-time insurance will drive an increasing number of revenue models. The Internet of Things (IoT) and massive connectivity will provide for massive market and business model disruption. Fast-paced trends involving self-driving cars, the sharing economy, personal drones, swarm-bots, smart dust, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality will either mitigate, accelerate or challenge the very notion of risk assessment and underwriting! What happens when Amazon, Google, or some kid in a garage decides to really change the insurance business model? And then there it the element of risk itself – at a recent global insurance risk summit in Switzerland, Jim Carroll outlined the dramatic new forms of accelerated risk that the industry must now confront.

What seemed to be science fiction just a few short years ago has become a reality today, as time compresses and the future accelerates. Whichever way you look, all sectors of the insurance industry are set for an era of disruption, challenge, and change!

Is the industry ready for transformative change? Not really! A recent survey indicated that while 94% of Chief Strategy Officers at insurance companies agree that tech will “rapidly change their industry in 5 years,” fewer than 1 in 5 CSOs believe their companies are prepared. Does the insurance industry have the innovation culture necessary to deal with the potential for what comes next? Maybe not.

Jim Carroll has been assisting insurance organizations around the world to understand the tsunami of change that is underway: the rapid business emergence of new business models, accelerated risk, the emergence of new global competitors, and heightened customer expectations. In his keynotes he puts into perspective the real trends impacting the future of insurance, offering critical insight into the key innovation and leadership strategies in a time of disruptive change, as well as clear, action-oriented strategic insight that will compel you to action.

The Disruption, Transformation and Reinvention of Manufacturing

Collapsing product lifecycles. Mass customization. Digitization, robotics, and the cloud. Design based on crowd thinking. Build to demand, as opposed to building to inventory, business models. The role of the Internet of Things in product innovation as well as manufacturing process innovation. Spatial innovation with advanced manufacturing robotics. New materials and substances that allow for a change in product development. Rapid prototyping, sketch to scale, and agility-based business models…. are you ready for the new world of manufacturing?

While popular media and opportunistic politicians portray a picture of a sector in crisis, smart manufacturing executives are furiously busy with innovation, reinventing their capabilities, processes, and business models using advanced ideas, materials, methodologies, and technologies.

The reality of manufacturing today is that there is a big opportunity that comes from aligning with fast-paced trends. What a time for innovation opportunity, and for insight from a great keynote that really puts all of these trends into perspective. Futurist Jim Carroll takes you on a voyage about the current and future opportunities in the world of manufacturing. Some of the largest manufacturing and industrial organizations in the world have engaged Jim to help them think about opportunities for innovation. Jim recently keynoted the IMX – Interactive Manufacturing Exchange Congress in Las Vegas with an audience of over 2,000 senior manufacturing executives, and the BigM Manufacturing Summit in Detroit, as well as the American Manufacturing Summit in the same city. Jim’s other manufacturing and industrial clients include • Magna International • United Technologies • Camstar Systems • Genesis Systems Robotics Siemens • PPG • Chrysler • Caterpillar • and many, many more.

Jim will provide you with a clear overview of up-to-date trends sweeping the sector based on customized up-to-the-moment research, concise case studies of successful manufacturing reinvention strategies, and a clear pathway into the innovation and reinvention methodologies being used by today’s advanced manufacturing innovation powerhouses.

The Disruption and Reinvention of Retail: Aligning to the World of Speed

It’s hard to discount the speed of change occurring in the world of retail and consumer products, particularly as the global pandemic accelerated the rush to e-commerce. “Shopper marketing,” which combines location intelligence, mobile technology, and in-store display technology for a new form of in-store promotion, continues to move forward at the pace of the technology on which it is based. Supply chain volatility and accelerating infrastructure demand require significant investment to continually reinforce operations, at the same time that consumer behavior changes at a furious pace. Logistics has taken center stage with the rapid installation of “click and collect” infrastructure and omnichannel distribution dominating all strategies. Add to this the arrival of active, intelligent packaging and intelligent (“Internet of Things”) products, collapsing product life-cycles, rapid product obsolescence, and the implications of all this on inventory and supply chain concepts!

We are going to see more change in the world of retail in the next 5 years than we have seen in the last 100. Savvy brands, retailers, shopping malls, and retail infrastructure companies are working to understand these fast-moving trends, and what they need to do from an innovation perspective to turn them from challenge to opportunity.

Futurist Jim Carroll is known worldwide for helping executives to understand the tsunami of change sweeping every aspect of the sector. In this keynote Jim will put into perspective the latest consumer, technology and marketplace trends and how they will provide new opportunities for disruption, innovation, and business model transformation. Attendees will gain insight into how to tap into these trends and insight to adapt their strategies to a fast-moving future, and how to move forward with an aggressive, action-oriented strategy.

Innovating For the Upturn: How to Accelerate Opportunity and Achieve Growth in an Era of Volatility

New ideas, transformative innovations, and bold thinking don’t die in periods of economic volatility – in fact, a downturn is often the starting point for big ideas and a big upturn! Companies such as Burger King, Microsoft, CNN, and FedEx all started up during economic downturns because they remained firmly focused on growth opportunities, the future and trends.

Accelerating Creativity: Discovering Opportunity With an Innovation Reboot

We will see more change in every industry in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 100 as transformation and disruption sweeps the world.

Every company is faced with the rapid emergence of new competitors, significant new business models, more challenging consumers, the acceleration of science, and a transition to the speed of innovation that will define their future.

How do you manage this complex new world and get ahead? By turning on your innovation engine, firing your creativity thrusters, and strapping in for a rocket ride into your faster future. You need to accelerate your ability to generate radical new ideas and transformative concepts. You need innovation creativity!

The BIG Future:L The Mega-Trends that Define Transformative Opportunities and Demand Bold Thinking!

The future demands that you think BIG, be bold, and pursue opportunities.

The only way to do this is to understand the “megatrends” that are defining our future, the disruptive opportunities they present, and the industry, skills, and business model opportunities they provide.

ChatGPT, The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Arrival of the Personalized Knowledge Butler: Promise and Peril in The Next Technological Transformation

Here’s what you need to know – it’s pretty certain you won’t find your job being replaced by AI, but it might be replaced by someone using AI, particularly with ChatGPT and other similar LLM (Large language model) technologies!

In this fast-moving keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll takes a look at the short-term trends sweeping the world today as ChatGPT and other technologies come to change the nature of the way we search, learn, interact, and think. It’s a new era of human-knowledge augmentation through the emergence of personalized knowledge butlers; an acceleration in just-in-time knowledge through on-demand knowledge robots; the arrival of the always-available knowledge servant. The fact is, we are in the midst of the biggest knowledge revolution in the history of mankind since the arrival of the Internet – and it is occurring at a speed that is staggering. You need to cut through the hype, filter the noise, and get a clear – and up-to-the-moment – strategic overview of what is happening in real-time

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Aligning Yourself for the Era of Acceleration

We live in a time of massive challenge, and yet one of massive opportunity. We’re faced with deep and complex issues involving the environment, health care, water and food. At the same time, every industry is faced with upheaval and disruption.

In this context, every industry is being redefined at blinding speed by technology, globalization, the rapid emergence of new competitors, new forms of collaborative global R&D, and countless other challenges! The speed with which these changes occur are now running up against the traditional culture, organizational structure and leadership methodologies that once worked well in the past – but don’t align to today’s fast moving realities.

CEO/CxO Leadership Events: Customized strategy-focused keynotes

In the post-pandemic economy, CEO/CxO’s are managing multiple priorities: business model disruption; the rapid emergence of new competitors; products that are almost out of date by the time they are brought to market; the digitization of everything; and the acceleration of industries. The transformation of everything is around them.

All of these trends — and more — require that organizations pick up the pace when it comes to their strategies, actions, and innovation efforts. Many CEO/CxO’s are finding it necessary to bring their leadership teams together for a corporate offsite event in order to discuss, strategize and align to a faster, transformative future.

How Organisations Can Become More Competitive, Innovative and Adaptable

Realigning Business Strategy

Innovative Thinking: Thing Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Insight into Workplace, Business, Economic, Current Events, Social and Cultural Trends

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