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Geopolitical Strategist and diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State

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John Sitilides serves organisations who have a continual demand for high-stakes geopolitical intelligence and insights.

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He speaks on global affairs and strategic supply chains to pension and hedge fund providers as well as private equity and asset management companies. He is also a regular speaker at sub-advisory, real estate, aerospace, maritime security, energy, global trade and related risk management conferences and events.

Helping audiences better understand, anticipate and mitigate geopolitical risk in a disrupted global business, industry and financial marketplace, John’s visual storytelling presentations are delivered using a captivating slide deck of maps, graphics, charts and world leader portraits with no text or bullet points.

His richly informative and visually engaging talks provide significant value on strategic geopolitical and geo-economic issues and concerns, challenging the traditional analyst and media consensus on global leaders, their decision-making processes and the long-term political and economic ambitions and objectives that ultimately shape the international agenda.

Hugh Craigie Halkett said that John’s presentation at GAIM Ops in London was “the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have… ever heard on the world’s current and future trouble zones” whilst Michael Ocrant of Pensions and Investments Inc. wrote that John’s presentation on “the complex problems and issues revolving around geopolitics truly enlightened and engaged the audience… setting the tone of the event, your presentation was referred to numerous times by other speakers throughout the day”.

John is Geopolitical Strategist at Trilogy Advisors, diplomacy consultant to the U.S. Department of State, the former Chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Center Southeast Europe Project and a Washington D.C. government affairs specialist.

He is also a frequent geopolitics and national security commentator on U.S. and international media, regularly interviewed by U.S. and international media including CNN, FOX News, CNN International, Bloomberg and BBC News and has appeared on Chinese, Russian, German, Turkish, Israeli, Greek & Arab television as well as having been interviewed and cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times, Politico, National Public Radio and Institutional Investor.

He delivered a TEDx talk on “American Identity on the Global Stage” and has delivered his keynote presentation, “Worldview 2030: Geopolitical Risk and Global Strategies in the Decade Ahead” at the Institutional Investors Emerging Markets Forum, the Lockton Insurance Global Growth Summit, the SunTrust Institutional Investor Conference and before numerous clients including New York Life Investments, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Raytheon, Uline Corporation, Pensions and Investments, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Money Management Institute, Hedge Connection and the Texas County & District Retirement System.



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American Identity on the Global Stage | John Sitilides | TEDxAsburyPark
American Identity on the Global Stage | John Sitilides | TEDxAsburyPark

John Sitilides gave our keynote talk on geo-political risks at the GAIM Ops Cayman event in April 2017, a 500+ person event for COO/CCO/CFOs in the alternative investment industry. I've been working in conferences for 5 years and I can honestly say it was one of the best talks I've seen. John provided fascinating insights on geo-political issues including Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea and Europe, using simple t! echniques like turning maps on their side to really bring a new perspective to understanding the issues and appreciating their significance on a whole new level. Mixed with cutting edge and up-to-date knowledge of the topics and latest political developments, and the fact John is an excellent and engaging speaker, made for a fascinating presentation. Our audience loved it. The room was packed and it's been rated as a favorite session by many of the attendees. John is top of my list for any geo-political analysis in the future.'

Cosimo Montagu
Director and Editor-in-Chief
Pensions and Investments Inc.

'The thoughtful, comprehensive, understandable and practical view you brought to the complex problems and issues revolving around geopolitics truly enlightened and engaged the audience at P&I's Global Future of Retirement conference. Setting the tone on the second day of the event kept people talking, and your presentation was referred to numerous times by other speakers throughout the day.'

Michael Ocrant
Director of Conference Programming
Financial Risk Mitigation Inc.

'I thought your presentation at GAIM Ops London was brilliant. As an enthusiastic observer of world events, I found your presentation to be the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have probably ever heard on the world's current and future trouble zones.'

Hugh Craigie Halkett
Europe Director

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