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Futurist. Global nomad. Speaker. Mike Walsh is the CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy designing companies for the 21st century.

Mike advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change. His best-selling books include ‘Futuretainment’ and The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas. Mike travels over 300 days a year worldwide, researching trends, collecting innovation case studies and presenting on the future of business.

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About Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh brings the future to life with an engaging blend of first-hand stories, global case studies and cutting-edge research into consumer and technology trends.

Technology is rapidly reshaping our world and subjects like big data, cloud computing, social media and digital marketing are all areas that CEOs must now understand. Mike believes that business needs a change of mindset to engage with this future. He travels the world talking to companies about their engagement with innovative technologies while spotting trends and patterns which are just about to tip into change. He curates the most relevant insights into high impact presentations along with strategies that businesses can use.

His best-selling book 'Futuretainment' draws on his experience at the heart of the digital consumer revolution which has seen entertainment and broadcasting move into the hands of the consumer rather than the media executive.

He is an authority on emerging technologies and previously ran the market-leading consumer insights house, Jupiter Research in the Asia Pacific and held senior strategy roles at News Corporation in both the Australian and Asian markets.

As head of innovations agency Tomorrow, he has advised the CEOs and senior management teams of BBC Worldwide, Fujifilm, Richemont, MSN, Star TV, Televisa, Globe Telecom, Philips, Merck Pharmaceuticals and HSBC.

Mike customises his presentations to cover and present the most thought-provoking and relevant ideas and case studies to you and your audience. He will work with you to select the strategic priorities most relevant to your event. Then, during his research phase, he will conduct in-depth interviews with your team, clients or top performers in your industry to identify specific case studies that will resonate with your audience.

Once the research is complete, Mike will have everything he needs to deliver a high-energy, thought-provoking keynote that provides relevant solutions for your audience and sets the tone for your entire event.

Why working with Mike Walsh is different

His research

Drawing on his experiences advising Fortune 500 companies, Mike invests the time to interview both you and your clients to uncover the specific issues that will allow his presentation to truly resonate with your audience.


A captivating storyteller, Mike will frame complex issues with practical and human anecdotes sourced from his global travels. His presentations are always full of original insights, well-observed humour and firsthand perspectives.


Working with a team of world-class designers and technologists, Mike's presentations blend video, music, animation, and powerful visuals to deliver a cinematic experience that your audience will be talking about for years to come.


Ideas are worthless without execution. Mike will provide your audience with a pragmatic plan of action. At the end of each presentation, attendees receive a personalized roadmap of the next steps they need to take to transform their business.

Mike has delivered nearly 1,000 keynote speeches around the world to companies in almost every industry. With a background in research and strategic consulting, Mike pinpoints the most relevant issues impacting business today along with the strategies with the best chance of delivering meaningful change.

Speaking Topics

Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence

We live in an age of wonder – cars that drive themselves, platforms that anticipate our needs, and robots capable of everything from advanced manufacturing to complex surgery. Automation, algorithms and AI are transforming not only business, but every facet of daily life. While many fear that robots will take their jobs, the rise of machine intelligence begs a more important question: what is the true potential of human intelligence in the 21st century?

In this inspiring keynote, Mike Walsh, futurist and author of ‘The Dictionary Of Dangerous Ideas’ will present a vivid portrait of a brave new world orchestrated by machines that think, and how tomorrow’s leaders can upgrade their capabilities to survive and thrive in an age of accelerating technology.

Audiences will walk away with an insight into the companies, technologies and global forces shaping the age of machine intelligence, as well as a set of tailored next actions on how to redesign their organizations, reimagine their roles and reinvent the way they make decisions.

Designing Your Business for the 21st Century

‘Most companies are simply not designed to survive. They become successful on the basis of one big idea or breakthrough product,’ says CEO MikeWalsh of Tomorrow, a global consultancy that helps design 21st century businesses. ‘The companies that will thrive in the near future are the ones not only embracing change but breaking the rules.’

Companies built to survive the future are no accident. They are a result of deliberate business design decisions smart leaders are making today. In his ongoing research on the world’s most innovative companies, Mike has organized these decisions into seven strategic priorities – that he will explore with audiences as a roadmap for their own reinvention.

In this keynote, Walsh will outline the mega-trends shaping the future of business and consumer behaviour, and the lessons learned from successful Fortune 500 companies on leveraging disruptive innovation, adopting a data-driven mindset and leading change through digital transformation.

Other topics

  • How your future customers will think, talk and transact
  • Lessons on disruptive innovation from fast-growing, emerging markets
  • How to leverage enterprise social networks to solve real business problems
  • What it takes to recruit, retain and motivate tomorrow’s employees
  • How to apply speed, agility and the new lean IT mindset to your technology teams
  • Hacking your corporate culture to transform employee engagement
  • Identifying the critical data pivots in your business, the real-time numbers no leader can afford to ignore


"Very insightful and full of powerful content. I really found your “next actions” a very useful tool for turning ideas into a concrete follow up to drive change." - Mercedes Benz Financial Services

"Great job trying to get our industry to think about people first before developing technology. We are engineers at heart that just want to start building things, but many times we miss the mark." - Intel Corporation

"A wake-up call for us to prepare for the needs of the next generation. I am glad the board of directors attended this session. Thank you." - RHB Bank

"Insightful and entertaining at the same time, I loved the way you structured it, with concrete suggested actions. Useful ideas regardless of the business, so I suspect our customers will find great value in it. You are an excellent speaker!" - Compuware

"Stunning—one of the best and most engaging presentations I have witnessed!" - LinkWater

"Mike is a very engaging speaker and brings to life the future with stories and visuals in a way that is accessible to both people with a strong understanding of the future as well as those who don’t have the same level of understanding. He has a unique ability to open the eyes of the audience in a positive way. Mike tailors his speech to his audience and is excellent in delivery. He is not someone that you need to micro manage because he lives and breathes his field and has a strong focus on helping organisations achieve the outcomes they need." - Peter Williams, Partner of Deloitte Australia

"Extraordinary! Great ideas and eye-opening comments that make you think." - Benavent, L&D Manager, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Phenomenal....that’s the only word to describe." - Chandrasekar Krishnamurthy, VP, EMC

"Fantastic session, Mike has the power to really make people think differently." - Paul Tichener, Sr Director, IT Strategic Business Partnership, Intel

"Loved him! Mike was the best speaker we've ever had!!" - FIS Global

"He was fantastic! What great energy and a great message – really engaging!" - Katie Weber, The Principal Financial Group

"Great - inspirational - challenged us to think outside the box - innovative." - Ravin Narain, SVP, HSBC

"Fantastic presentation! An extraordinary perspective on trends and insights which can realistically be converted to actions today." - Fady Daher, VP Retail, American Express

"Excellent, eye opening presentation, changed the way I think about innovation and attracting/retaining future talent." - Nikki Hutson, HR Officer, Railways Credit Union

"Very enlightening and empowering on what our future will hold. Food for thought!" - Jen Green, Administration Officer, Cerebral Palsy League

"Incredible, very innovating, inspiring, entertaining, and exactly on point." - Eric Banks, Sr Systems Engineer, Premier Inc

"I found it thought stimulating and well delivered. I particularly like the "Continuous Partial Attention" which explains my kids." - Carolyn Jenson, Business Unit Leader, GE Healthcare

"I found Mike's session to be incredibly informative and would love to continue to learn from him." - Megan Branigan, SVP Marketing, BBC Worldwide Americas, INC

"Spellbound! I loved it! Was fascinated by the entire presentation." - Stephanie Molina, Director of Marketing, Beaumont CVB

"Terrific! Energizing and engaging. Thought provoking and really put forward issues and challenges facing marketers and CPG manufacturers." - Greg Kerr, Principal and Team Lead, IRI Worldwide

"Brilliant - one of the best presentations I have witnessed. Great content, excellent pace, great audio/visuals and a polished presenter!" - Reg Nash, Senior Manager Client Services, A & G Insurance Services

"Fascinating insights into how emerging trends are going to influence business strategies." - Robin Tritta, Doc & Technical Consultant, Sun Life Financial

"It was an epic speech, Mike was marvellous! " - Deniz Kalafat Uysal, CMO, ING Insurance

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